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Oh Hello!

Well sorry for my absence blog world, but I was gallavanting around on vacation with GB and will be hightlighting some snaps of my time away!

Today in the port city it is sadly starting smell and feel a bit like fall and with all the kiddies heading back to school this autumn I thought I would peek around at some of my favorite sites and find some school supplies. I always loved the trip to staples with mum and kate to get new pencils, pens and notebooks. There is no school for me this fall, but if there was, these would be on my supply list!

school wha?

1. Three Fun Handcrafted Notebooks by Cabin and Cub. Get them here!!
2. Probably the snazziest pencil crayon holder I’ve seen. From Smitten Kitten.
3. Every girl needs a pretty new pair of shoes for her first day. Find them @ Hydra Heart’s shop on Etsy.
4. These precious book plates from Pink Loves Brown will let everyone know which text book is yers!
5. Some classic argyle’s for your chilly fall toes. Find them at Old Navy.
6. JET PENS! Their name alone makes me want them. The doily edges are great too. Find them at Jet Pens.
7. Very Cool Embroidered Leather Pencil Case Artist Jamie Davis has a fantastic site to check out if you have a min!

Happy Back to School Kids!


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