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Jump on the Inspiration Train

HI! As per Dave McKinnon’s request I am updating ma blog with some WORDS! I also have photos too though! I thought I would show you a silly little painting that I did! I actually saw the pattern on Making it Lovely and that little blogger saw the pattern on an Urban Outfitters Rug. So I decided it would be fun to jump on the train and put my patterned paintin up on the wall!

The canvas I had wasn’t big enough for the frame that I found in the garage, so I just made the best of it and ended up liking the unfinished sides and how the canvas frays a bit. All raw, improvised like!

I am sorry for the bloggin break there. It wasn’t exactly expected. Basically, I saw the first episode of True Blood and then was “glamoured” into watching the entire first 2 seasons in three days. (EXCEPT SEASON FINALE OF SEASON TWO WHICH AIRS NEXT WEEK OMGOMGOMGOMG WILL THEY KILL THE MAYNERD!!@#!%^^$) I also find myself writing and speaking a bit southern these days as a result of my manic True Blood marathon. So baby, ya’ll best not get too upset with ma ramblins’.

Urban Rug

Get That Here

Nicole of Making it Lovely‘s Awesome Porch

Now Last but not least……

Gran’s on the caboose of the inspiration train.


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