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4 Month Plus One Day Hiatus

Hello There World!

Wow. What a break that was. So many silly things led to the break. The greatest annoyance was the total breakdown of my lappy. It spent a lovely 6 weeks on vacation at the HP factory and as such, all photos, videos and potental content went up into thin air. While the music and most photos were backed up! Horray!!! Except once I finally did get my lappy back, I plugged in the hard drive to find it would not come to life in my windows explorer! Wahhhhhhh! So anywho, I am being all dog ate my homework on you and am just going to resolutionize and say I will be blogging alot more ofter! With some retroactive posts and pictures of the beach house in progress!

Here are some wintery photos from the past snows.




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