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Well I thought I would stop in and post about my new set of greeting cards soon to be available at Beckwith & Company! I have been working on them for the last while and am excited to do some coloring and typography! A very nice change from the jewelry scene!

Lots of changes around the beach house these days. I am on a new eating plan that is giving me lots more energy! It is a nice change to the sluggish way I have been feeling these last few months. I am learning that the body wants to be powered by natural things and it thanks you for being so kind, quite quickly!

The house is chilly but I don’t mind it being that way. Just puts to use all the cosy blankets I have acquired over the years. Bodhi is getting big and more darling everyday. He went through a “I dont want you to touch or hold me” stage but now he is out of it completely and wants to cuddle to the point of getting in your way if you are trying to read or sit on the computer. Hilarious little bug.

Anyway, here is a photo of the templates for the cards. They will be in the shop this week!


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  1. yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! can’t wait to market these babies!!

  2. Hey Jo,

    Love the blog and the cards. You are so talented!



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