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Good Morning Songs!

Hello and Good Day!

I am just getting ready to head out to run a few errands today and wanted to tell the world about 8 Tracks People log on and make mix tapes and label them sweetly. Today’s 8 Tracks mix for me is acousticalullabies pt 1 A lovely little mix of morning songs to bring you into the day.
This one : Cool as Folk aka Rainn Wilson is My Musical Soulmate gets alot of play around here too. Very cute country and folk songs.
The best part of this site is that you will inevitably stumble upon something new, something precious and something you will then go and find the whole discography of and listen to excessively. Bon Iver was my BIG MAJOR AWESOME find thanks to this site.

I am headed to Charlottetown, PEI to visit the sister and I am takin the BUS!! I haven’t taken a acadian lines trip in a couple of years so I am kind of excited. Time to just sit and have nothing else calling. Time to read the book that HOPEFULLY COMES TODAY. I ordered it after I read about it on Naturally Nina’s Site. She is very cool and so I took her recommendation for some reading material.

This quotation got me :
“for smart, gutsy, spiritually curious women whose colorful and complicated lives aren’t reflected in most spirituality books, the red book is an open invitation to find your true self and start sharing that delicious truth with the world.”

It sounds fun right? haha. GET READY FOR DELICIOUS TRUTH.

Here is a kiln:
kiln fun


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  1. YAY!!!!! COMIN TO VISIT ME!!! Yahoo!! ps the bus is the best place to listen to tunes and read books and take lazy naps and think about whatever GUILT FREE!! ORRR to catch up on shows with your laptop! Some of em even have plugs! Hurrah!!! Can’t wait!

    pps Nice Kiln


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