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Babies In The Air

I am currently working on a new little project for little ones and I am very excited about it! I heart babies to the max and wanted to make them something cute for their little rooms. I will be showing the finished project off soon and it will be in the shop this week!

I am on day 12 of simply for life and am pleased to say that I am really beginning to feel fan frigging tastic. I never thought I could jam 7 cups of vegetables in per day but the process is exciting and I am loving the energy that results. If I didn’t lose another pound I think I would still be happy and continue on just because of the fantastic positivity. I realized I hadn’t been fueling myself properly and as such was constantly on edge. I have been reading up on it since and there is all kinds of co-relation between nutrients and brain activity. I guess there are entire areas of the brain that freak out at you when you don’t eat the proper foods. I AM NOT SURPRISED.

I am OVERJOYED that a simple change has brought me out of my rut. The last 4 months have been BLAH TO THE EXTREME and I feel so much more creative and motivated at this point. I am trying to let things go and move towards things I love and am excited about. It is so easy to be lazy but it does not make you feel any better. Life is fun and I am annoyed that I wasted time and energy dwelling and ruminating. I am not perfect but I am trying to figure this stuff out and for once am EXCITED to do so. lovelovelovelovelovelove

Here is some goods from the new shop in the city market I am going to be working for!!! Cottage Craft Woolens
cottage craft


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  2. I looove seeing creative Nanny back in action…. I missed your blog..oh wait I miss you too….We have to try again soon….

  3. hey jo. just invading your blog for the first time. LOVE that you are loving the vegedibles! good food = good feel, eh? Inspired, J.


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