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Charlotte’s Town, Prince Edward Island

Well I took off on the bus to PEI last weekend to visit my darling sister who is living there to go to Vet school. It was quite nice to get to plug in the compy on the bus and watch shows the whole way. I wish I could say I was reading, but shamefully my true relaxation fav are shows shows and more shows! (sometimes movies too). So it was three changeovers to get there, kate was at the station and we blabbed and wii’d and drank coffee and then crashed!

Next day we went to the school to see where all the magic happens at the skool. There are lots of cows and horsies and sweet sick doggies and kittys getting fixed up! Katie has a bunch of sweet friends so I got to meet quite a few of them.

There was also a sweet farmers market on Saturday morning we hit up. I got a beauuutttifullll bowl by Darren Matheson. Some lovely Green Lavender loose tea and a delicious loaf of 12 grain bread by a baker there. I put the bread in the freezer, but the toaster does wonders and it is as if it is fresh! yumyum! Here’s my two hosts Will Bell and Katie Killen in front of the market!! Thanks sweets.


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