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Compy Down Again

Soooo, my old trusty HP is currently at the Cyber Solutions with a crazy infection. It is in there until Thursday but maybe Friday. I am guessing they will have to wipe it again and start from scratch. This would be the third time in 3 months that this has had to happen. I really want a MacBook Pro but will have to wait since we are GOING TO COSTA RICA!!! Which will be fantastic and roughly the same price as a lovely compy. So, until then I will settle back in and start over with my HP and hope that it doesn’t give me too much trouble in the autumn of its days…..

In other news, we had a January Thaw recently, which then gave way to -30 degree temps for the last week. However, it was a nice break from the bitter cold. I had a couple visitors during this thaw and we had the door wide open as the little one chased the even littler one around the deck!

Lily Petten and Bodhi Belyea

Lily Petten and Jenna McKillop

Lily Girl

Hard to get a picture of the girl!!

We had a nice visit and enjoyed the nice breeze through the house! Too bad Punxatawny Phil saw his shadow today! 6 more weeks of Winter!



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  1. sweet pics!! what a darling little girl!!!!

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh stupid punxatawny. Eff.

  3. compy is back up nanny, let’s get the blog rollin!!!!!

  4. I’m so tired of checking this website and not seeing any new posts nanny!!!!!! please make my dreams come true and blogify!


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