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Hi There!
Sorry for the lack of posts! Just being busy/lazy!!! No excuses anymore!

Well I just noticed in the post below I said we were going to Costa Rica but we decided probably every 2 or 3 years to go south etc. SO! Instead we went to see WILCO in Halifax and stayed for a week which was a real blast. We pricelined the two hotels and got good deals for the downtown! Name your price rocks!! We ate lots of good dinners, I got to do some shopping and it was during the Brier!! WE SAW THE OLYMPIC MEN’S TEAM AND GOLD MEDALS! They were dancing it up at the lower deck!

So up next is a trip to Boston! very excited for that one! My sweet friends Michelle, Russel and Jenny are going to be down there as well so we are gonna meet up with them! I kind of want to go to the aquarium! Maybe sit on a patio??? Might not be possible yet!

Also I have lost 17 pounds since starting simply for life. Which makes me feel SO much better and healthier than ever before. I even WANT to exercise which is SO WEIRD FOR ME. My sister has been bloggin’ about her experience being in Vet school and trying to be healthy. She was doing P90X but has switched her routine to add in a few other Beach Body dvds. That is basically what I have been doing as well. I love all the personalities (especially Chalene), decent music and intensity.

Since I haven’t put any pictures on this computer because it is soooo very slow and $%^&*, I thought I would post a couple of videos that are interesting. I am a MAJOR Lady Gaga fan because of her crazy presence and taste in weird art. I saw a Rhianna video today though and I think these videos are becoming serious pieces of work in themselves. I know its popular but it is so colorful and cool!!!!

(bad lyrical content! parental alert!)

crazy zebra part!

oh and of course:


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  1. Ammmmaaaaaazing!! What is kates blog???

  2. Jojo, you forgot the most amazing piece of art of all – Rihanna’s incredible body! Legs for days… By the sounds of it you’re hot on her heels. Well done, that’s a huge achievement, or a skinny one? I’m following in your footsteps. Any tips would be more than welcome on the old blog! xxx


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