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I have been reading food blogs like a mad woman lately. There is this entire world of lovely ladies trying to live, eat and breathe clean living.
Check them out here:
Kath Eats Real Food
Eat Clean Live Green (bonus: She’s Canadian!)
Carrots ‘N’ Cake

It is very inspirational and helpful to someone like me who LOVES FOOD SO MUCH. Having a zillion healthy options makes it SO much more likely to stay on the current path that has led me to lose 20lbs. It really is a total lifestyle overhaul. The great thing about these blogs is that they share the good as well as the ‘bad’. Bad is in quotation marks because they share their treats and glasses of wine that they indulge in and let you know that IT IS OK!

You can get pretty wrapped up in the whole process if you are not careful and then like any obsession, other areas of your life suffer. Maintaining a healthy balance is a challenge but oh so rewarding if you can stay sane about the whole thing.

I thought I would share a few healthy things I have been whipping up as of late. I try and act all Micheal Smith when I am in the kitchen (cooking with out recipes) and using whatever I have on hand for my eats.

Below is my newest obsession:

I call it Tomato Cabbage Stirfry Concoction
Basically I stirfry some onions, peppers, broccoli or cauliflour (up to you) with some olive oil. Then I add either the Blue Menu canned tomatoes (no sodium horray!) or fresh tomatoes if I have em. I keep on stirring and add in some salsa for some heat. I like Mrs. Renfros Then comes the protein. So far I have tried lots of different kinds, chick peas, cooked chicken, cooked scallops, SFL Sausages, Ground Turkey. You can really use whatever you want! I add the coleslaw cabbage mix last. BIG FAN OF THIS. It makes the Tomato Cabbage Concoction complete and there is a TON of awesomeness associated with cabbage.

Top it all off with a big glass o this:
and you are set! Depending on the amount of spice you add you will need it!

I think I will include a food post once a week or so to keep me accountable on the eating train. I will also vow to be a better blogger.

Have a great Monday everyone!


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  1. I think I will wait until you just make it for me…LOOKS DELISH!!

  2. wow!! that sounds delish jojo—cool post too!

  3. I am definitely tuning into this. So far I have lost 7 lbs and I thought that was a pretty good achievement but 20?! Jesus Jo, you are my diet guru! Well, onwards and upwards or inwards (hopefully)…


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