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Spring Around The House

Good Morning!!

It is certainly warming up in the Port City finally and our yard and garden has been on my mind big time. I am pretty much a black thumb but I would love to change that and have been given a big opportunity to prove myself to mother nature! It is still a bit chill, but there is nothing wrong with getting out the shovel to start figuring out the garden beds.
Here are some snaps as of late:


I dont think the gardens have been tended to for a while and we have alot of work to do when it comes to cleaning up the yard and what not. GB used it as a storage place for the Lemongrass patio furniture all winter long but that will be out of here this week and hopefully we will have someone with a tiller in to till the entire front area so we CAN HAVE A LAWN! AND FLOWERS AND SHRUBS! So if any of you have any gardening tips for starting fresh I would LOVE to hear them!


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  1. compost compost compost!! that should be easy with your natural foods diet!


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