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Are you a deal hunter?

I was thinking about my purchases from Boston and realized that I am a certified Bargain Hunter. I would rarely ever spend more than 25 bucks on a pair of jeans unless I LOVED them. Even then I don’t think I would spend more than 50 on them. I love to admire the fancier things and had an amazing time going into the high end designers shops on Newbury but when it came down to it I did most of my shopping at H&M, Target and forever 21.

Here are some snaps but keep in mind I am a very awkward model!

H&M Party Dress for $14.95 on sale!

Kensie Girl Skirt from LIQUIDATION WORLD! $10

Forever 21 Top for $12.50. Tights from “Out with the Old In With the New” event in March at Rhoda’s. Nike Sport tights for a twoonie!

Target top for $9.99

I have to mention my favorite fashion blog ever which is of course, a sweet local favorite Miss Barb Crawford @
She is ALWAYS on the ball with the online and offline deals and if you add her to your reader, you will never miss a bargain!
She definitely inspired this post and I hope you all give her some online love!


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  1. I love that H&M dress! I will be STEALING IT POST HASTE. LOOK OUT.

  2. i heard that you shop at used clothing stores too–is that a secret!!

  3. You are the sweetest girl.
    That kensie skirt was a BARGAIN!

  4. Joanna, you look absolutely amazing!!! and besides that, we all love a good bargain…good job on your US “finds”


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