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Laura Calder and Old Timey Coffee

Good Morning!!

Hello Saturday, how I love you! The sea is calm, workout it complete (missed spin so punished myself with some INSANITY) Bodhi and and GB are snoozing so of course I turn on the Food Network!

I don’t know how many of you are big Food Network fans, but I am a bit obsessed. I have posted about Micheal Smith before but I thought I would talk about the star THAT I KNOW!

Laura Calder grew up on the Kingston Peninsula and her dad, John Calder (or as Kate and I referred to him, Johnny with the Yellow House. Dad had many Johnny friends) taught at KVHS with my Pop. Laura is a bit older than me so I didn’t know her well but frequented her homestead when I was young. She has an incredible show on the Food Network called French Food at Home She whips up delicate little offerings and shows you how easy it really is.

In the Laura Calder vein I have started brewing up coffee in one of these:

My Mumma’s dear friend Sylvie gave it to me since she can’t use it on her coil stove top. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. You can really only make one cup at a time but it is totally worth it. It can be used as an espresso maker if you use less water but I enjoy nice big cups of coffee so I add lots of water.

Dad and I were chatting about this coffeemaker and he was telling me how excited his aunt and grandmother were when instant coffee came out way back when. They switched immediately. Now in our world it seems as though the opposite is happening. People seem to be seeing the benefits of wholesome, more natural ways of living.

Slowing down, making things from scratch is the new instant coffee.


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  1. Great post Gran. I’ve got one of those too – I believe it’s called a Moka pot? I use my french press more often but that little number makes a wonderful strong-but-not-too-bitter cup when the mood strikes.

  2. It is indeed a moka pot! Jon and I bought one last year in Italy and have never looked back! They make the best espresso ever.

  3. Forget the ‘NAU,’ forget the ‘draft.’

    Ever since I saw my first Laura Calder cooking episode I’ve decided I am definitely moving to Canada, and I’m camping out on Laura’s front porch until she agrees to marry me.

    Of course, I don’t want to set myself up for total disappointment, so I figured if I can merely be so bold as to bring my own veal…
    and some really nice wine…
    …maybe I can talk her into saving me just a dollop of that wonderous looking Blanquet de veau! I don’t even CARE if it’s a little on the golden side!

    Truly, Laura’s going to be a big inspiration for me as I re-think my career mid-stream. Or was that, rethink my mid-life career crisis?

    FYI: My very first edition of Laura’s chard pie should be done in like, just under 15 more minutes!


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