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Blogger Bake-a-thon

SO! I believe I have been mentioning LOTS about food lately. I have been madly reading food blogs and adding more and more to the reader everyday. I have been so amazed and enticed by the recipes these girls highlight and wanted to start trying some of them. My good friend’s birthday and my sister’s insane exam schedule gave me the perfect opportunity to start whipping up some healthy treats for them!
This will be a bit image heavy but I will provide all the links to the recipes so you guys can try em too!

Walnut Pecan Banana Bread from Kath Eats Real Food

Granola Bars from Kath Eats Real Food

Spiced Carrot Spelt Muffins from Eat Clean Live Green

Maple Nut Oaties by Heather Eats Almond Butter (I exchanged the Maple for some Agave Nectar though!)

This is actually a Whole Foods Recipe. These are Pumpkin Spelt Muffins! They use Whole Wheat flour but I exchanged out the Spelt for fun! I also used Applesauce and Maple for moistness and sweetness.

To Katie and Will’s exam pack I added some extra treats like Kashi Vive that I picked up in the states, some Kashi Go Lean hot cereal and some Kamut Pasta.
This is the result!

My dear friend Michelle also got all of these goodies plus some homemade Veggie Burgers from Sweet Tater

Her package looked like this:

I really had a blast baking and making things pretty. I love all these blogs and am so happy with the healthy treats!

Oh yeah I am getting MARRRRIEDDDDD hehehhehheehe. Big woot woots from this Gran.


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  1. Oh my gosh, what wonderful care packages – and I loved your labels! You have very nice font. 🙂

    Hope the Oaties help Katie and Will with their exams!

    • granintraining

      Thank you so much for commenting Heather!! I read your blog religiously and think of you as a blogger celeb!!! So flattered!!!! They are LOVING your oaties and I bet they will get all As!!

  2. OMG I can vouch for everything there except the Bread and the Veggie Burgs and oh my word, SO AMAZING! (I also expect some of the bread upon my return home…and also the Burgs) All of the stuff is so amazing…the real challenge is making it last through all of the exams! There are five left and I only have two oaties to go!! I loved seeing the Granola Bars all laid out before they were cut too! Super cool! So far I’ve been eating one of those Granola bars whenever I write an exam! They better be good luck! YUM YUM YUM YUMMM! I think we should make this a tradition 😉

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