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Wedding and My First Race

MY FIRST RACE is coming up this Saturday! It is the Brent Kelly 5 Miler and will be taking place at the Irving Nature Park. I am NERVOUS!! I was always lame when it came to competing! I will post my results after Saturday!

I suppose I should elaborate a little bit on my Wedding comment there in my last post!

GB and I decided as a couple that it was time to make me an honest woman! Marriage has always been a funny subject with me because for the longest time I never really saw the point of it. I mean, we already live together and are happy as clams. Why spend a bunch of money on a wedding?

Well, the simple answer is that the idea of getting hitched and shouting to the world that we are in love is exciting. A big fat party where all of our friends come to hang out and celebrate with us is my idea of perfection!
We are getting married on August 7th at Saints Rest Beach with just our immediate family.

Sue Nelson Buckley Photo

Afterwards, we will come back to our house and have an open invite party! I didn’t want to have to make a guest list or not include anyone. It will be a bring your own drinks kind of thing and I have no interest in people bringing presents. I just want to SEE YOU ALL. We have the most amazing friends and family and cannot wait to share our day with them. That will be the best wedding present of all. xo


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  1. Beautiful Beautiful BEAUTIFUL Wonderful Wonderful WONDERFUL!! I can’t WAIT!

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