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Good Thursday Morning!

Well it is two days until my first 5 miler and I am getting quite nervous! I have been running and really loving running but there is something about someone officially timing me! What tha! I have been trying to get myself psyched up to run for that amount of time. It is funny because a one hour spin class flies by but for me running requires getting into a different mental state. I almost have to zone out and be entertained at the same time. The music has to be good enough and also easy to ignore.

Needless to say the anticipation is always worse than the actual event. If someone told me a year ago that I would be even running 5 miles without stopping I would have heartily laughed and then ordered another beer. So while 5 miles is not that far, baby steps are where its at for me. I read a really great post about this over on Ronis Weigh. She talks about her 3 year long journey to a healthy lifestyle. THREE years, not overnight and certainly not losing 20lbs in three weeks! I really do believe that SLOW and CONTROLLED change is going to be most effective. Just as you need time to adjust to say, a new job, house, a new CHILD etc, you mentally and physically need time to adjust to a new food and exercise change.

So screw you diet pills and crazy claims! I will take my 4 months of gearing up to run 5 miles anyday!


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