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Fat is NOT the EFF WORD

Here are some of my favorite delicious and healthy fats!

There is a ton of Olive Oil Bottles, some Sunflower, Peanut and SoyNut Butter, Tahini, Sesame Oil and an Avacado!

I heart adding a bit of fat to every meal of the day to make sure I can power through and keep my motor runnin!

Sweet challenge Chocolate Covered Health!


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Currently in training for grannyhood/mommyhood

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  1. Oh my word, that is great! SO AWESOME! And creative and cute and all other fun adjectives. You’re too much fun; I love it :).
    Thanks for making me smile!

    • granintraining

      Thank you so much Katie!! I love your blog and am a big time follower! Thanks for all the healthy inspiration!!

  2. Such a great picture of you jo.

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