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Well I have found it. Atlantic Canada is now part of the Foodie Blogger Greek Yougurt world. I have been searching and searching in small shops and researching and finding out that Greek Yougurt just is not sold widely in Canada. UNTIL NOW

Of COURSE this comes after getting an amazing present from my parents! One of these!!!

The great thing is that I will be able to use the Liberte as a starter. I just read a great article on 101 Cookbooks about her various experiences with yougurt starters. She has used the Fage Greek yougurt before as a starter and it turned out great! She even has an sweet little yougurt tasting notes download where you can log your experiences in a little book! ADORABLE.

Sorry for the blog break there. I had a weekend PACKED WITH FUN thanks to my darling who organized a huge feed with the help of all my wonderful friends for my 26th Birthday. He spent two days prepping and cooking and cleaning the house to get everything in order. It was amazing and I need some photos my momma took in order to show just how wonderful it was! We had a kitchen dance party and a wii off towards the end of the night. Major fun times!

I have so many posts built up! It is hard not to just blab them all out in one post! I realized that I have been showing photos of this tree during the various seasons and I am hoping to make a compliation of all of them at some point! Here it is as it is starting to bloom!


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