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Kingston Farmers Market

So SPIN WAS FULL. This is very shocking to me since usually there are around 8 people there tops at 915 on a Saturday. We were planning on doing the market anyway but since we were forced miss spin we got to go a bit early! This was the day of my Birthday Party so I decided that instead of my birthday being eat whatever day I would make today the day! (Especially since GB was whipping up some delicious eats for the evening). So Bex, my sister Kate and I piled into the Volks and headed out to the Peninsula.

Hi Katie!

Hi Bex!
You have to take a ferry to get out there more quickly. It was about 20 degrees out and SO SUNNY. Perfect opportunity for Sunny Summer Photos!

So in the spirit of eating what I wanted, we decided to sit down in the big breakfast hall and have a bite to eat! I ordered the “Wee Breakfast” and hot damn it was the perfect amount and very satisfying!

Those are fresh salad greens in the background!! YEAH!!!

Oh and I may have had a few pieces of this:

It was the perfect day.


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