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Green Monster Fails and Wins

Well today is absolutely STUNNING OUTSIDE. I sprung out of bed at 7 and GB was already up and out for a walk! I decided last night that I would go run to McLaren’s and back 3 times but forgot to check the tide schedule. It happened to be high tide! The break water ends at Gregory Lane, which you can go around if the tide is low. About about a half k was unreachable, so I figured I could do the loop 5 times instead and add some rock cliff push ups and squats at each turn around. WHATTA WORKOUT. It took about 50 minutes and my legs are still burning from running in the sand. It was fun to do something outside and totally different. The sun was shining but not hot and the ocean breeze was not too strong.

Last night something quite excellent happened. Greg asked me to make him a smoothie!! I immediately went to Green Monster Movement (made by Angela at Oh She Glows!)
It is basically impossible to take photos in my house at night so I will have to list all the healthy foodstuffs I put in his smoothie!
Bell’s Banana Berry Green Monster
1tbs of Chia Seeds
3 handfuls of SPINACH
1 Banana
1c Frozen BlueBerries
1c Skim Milk
Splash of OJ
HE DRANK IT ALL UP! He then managed to stay up all night and finish loads of work he needed to get done. I blame the Green Monster for powering him through!

NOW. When I came in from my run, I cut up a big delicious bowl of strawberries, orange, kiwi and stirred in my New Liberte Plain Greek Yougurt and smashed almonds(use a mortar and pestle! it makes for delicious smashed nuts!) SO GOOD. Greg then turned to me and was all like “I thought you were in the kitchen making me up another smoothie! Feeding yourself!? pa-shaw!” So, being SO EXCITED that he wanted another one I ran in and got er going again! THIS TIME IT WAS DAYLIGHT!

This baby had the following in it:
1/2 Banana
2 Kiwi
7 Strawberries
2 Handfuls of Spinach
1tbs of Chia Seeds
1/2c OJ
1/2c Milk

HE LIKE THIS ONE EVEN MORE. It had like a yellowy tinge to it and lovely little green spinach flecks!

Those were the wins. The fail story could have been easily avoided if I had waited until the morning to make my Green Monster.

I decided the night before would be super cool smoothie making time. I could wake up and be all ready to go out the door to work at Mom’s Shop in the am! I asked my trusty friend, the internet, what I should do. Someone on Yahoo Answers said that putting it in the freezer over night would preserve the taste much better than leaving it in the fridge. Apparently, all you would have to do is run hot water over the plastic jug your smoothie is in to thaw it out. Anyway, NO DICE. Here are some photos.

The night before……

Chia, Almond Milk, Spinach, Banana. Ice. Nice and Simple

Pretty Green

The next day…………

Yeah so, I managed to get some of it thawed out but it really didn’t have any of the flavour of the night before…..BLAHHHH. Lesson Learned! Smoothies must be made fresh!


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  1. Jojo, you are a blogging force to be reckoned with and what a health kick you’re on! Very inspirational xx

  2. Hi Jo! I am a HUGE smoothie junkie too, (thanks to SFL) and also have always loved juicing and my juicer! Regarding the juicer (and also applying to the smoothies) I was told that consuming things fresh increases the amount of live cell intake. When you break up the cells by juicing or blending they are still live for around 20 mins and are so good for you! Don’t know how true this is but it makes sense! Fresh 1, frozen 0!

    • granintraining

      YES!! That makes total sense!! What I did manage to get melted tasted absolutely terrible! So delicious the night before! I heart SFL! Thanks for commenting Steph~!

  3. Jessica Doucette

    Dwayne and I just tried the virgin green monster this morning, yummm!!! Can’t wait to try some of your recipes and maybe start creating a few of our own 🙂


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