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Well it has been a while since my last post!! I decided today that I would finally put two photos together and see my before and after. I have been putting it off for a while now wanting to push myself and lose that last few pounds. However, having come this far, I am now offically a size 4, 135lbs and feel effing fantastic. Better than I have ever felt. My energy is through the roof, I look forward to exercising, cooking, eating and shopping for clothes is a TREAT instead of torture.

Having gone through the Simply for Life program I am now, 100% off processed foods and eat more veg and fruit than ever. I know my portion sizes off by heart and never skip breakfast. All of this adds up to a sustainable healthy lifestyle. My treats are the complete opposite than they would have been before. (See Cauliflower Crust Pizza below) YES, THAT CRUST IS ALL CAULIFLOWER!
cauliflower pizza
Last year that would have been 4 slices of Pizza Hut. This post sounds very braggy but I am honestly happy and proud of myself for changing my relationship with food permanently. Simply for Life, Micheal Pollan, Kath Eats and Mark Bittman have changed the way I think about my fuel and I love them all for it.

So without further ado, here is my before:
158lbs January 2010.
and After
135lbs May 2010

Horray for Health!


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  1. hooooooooooray for jojo–you are the best!!love you!!! skinny butt!

  2. You look absolutely amazing Jo. You should be very proud..

  3. I WANT SOME OF THAT PIZZA CRUST! START MAKING IT FOR ME NOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also think the second pic should be a bikini bod shot IMO (creeepyyyyy right??) LOVE YOUUUU I AM SO PROUD OF YOU SISTER! You are the health master and turned around bad habits like it was nobody’s business! SO SO PROUD OF YOU!! And love how I get to reap the benefits of your cooking skillz!

  4. Joanne! You look absolutely stunning! You have inspired me to get off the processed again too…gosh you’re a beauty. Much love.

    I’m very proud of you Jo 🙂

    I can definitely say that the added energy is the best feeling in the world! I hope to see that pretty face in person sooner than later!

  6. just found your blog through katie’s…

    you look adorable in each photo but congratulations, that’s awesome :)! for sure hooray for health!


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