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Omg I love that show. But seriously now, Today’s topic: TOFU.

So I know I should love tofu and want to kiss it and marry it and all that but I have had a hard time trying to figure out how the frig to make this block o’ curd taste delicious. I mean, the deep fryer can make socks taste delicious so that option is OUT and really zaps all the nutritional fun out of tofu anyway.

After some serious research and experimentation I have finally found tofu I love and want to kisssss and marrrry and all I needed was a heavy object and some time.

I first opened up my lovely Organic Liberte Tofu and used a paper towel to press as much moisture out by hand as possible. THEN, I wrapped that baby up in paper towel and put two of my biggest books on the tofu and let it sit for about 2 hours.

When I picked up the tofu after the said amount of time, I was able to handle it so much more easily. I decided that marinating the tofu would be another trick to try this time around.

So a tsp of Olive Oil, some soy sauce, some sirachi and some veggie stock and hey hey hey you got yerself a marinade.

I then threw the baggie in the fridge and let it sit overnight. You could easily just let it soak up the awesome for a few hours but I wasn’t planning on a stirfry til lunch the next day anyway.

The next step is where the GREAT EXPERIMENT BEGINS!
I thought I would test to see which method of cooking was better, baking or sauteeing.

The baking method won hands down! It came out so much crispier!!! I think it is because it requires so much less oil.

I then got out the veggies:

Threw all the incredients into the wok and came out with this gem:

I had lots of tofu left over and threw it in the oven to warm it up each time before preparing a new dish.

Tonight Bex and I are whipping up some Lemon Basil Tofu. I hope it is just as good as the Asian style marinade!!!


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  2. YUMMY… That looks fab!


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