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Homemade Yougurt

Well I have finally managed to get around to making my own yougurt in my lovely new machine!
It did not turn out as thick as I would have liked but I have been having fun adding lots of fruit and agave sweetner to it. Whole, natural and positively delightful!
Here is the process in a nutshell:
I didn’t have enough dairy milk so I added about a quarter cup of almond milk to the mixture and some Liberte Greek Yougurt for the starter and that is IT. It is quite amazing that yougurt really only has to have two ingredients instead of a big long list.

You have to boil the milk and yougurt for a bit before you pour it into the cute little containers.

I had some tea while I waited!

You then pour the mixture into a vessel and whisk away to get the clumps out! The thick glob of yougurt you add does not melt away like you think it would.

Fill er up!

It is now time for the 8 to 10 hour wait!

I made these in the morning so by the evening they were ready for the fridge. The new morning I added a tsp of Raspberry Double Fruit Jam and a couple of drops of agave sweetner. LOVED IT. The cool thing is that the yougurt maker is only 20 bucks which is 4 tubs of yougurt so really if you eat alot it is worth the cost!


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  1. looks divine!! what a grand idea!!

  2. I want to know where I can buy one!!


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