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Is there such thing as TOO many veggies?

So today was a bit of a long day. Bodhi had me up at about 7am DYING to go pee so obviously I couldn’t say no to that. I got up and fed the lil dude and made a big yummy med mix which I have highlighted here before. It is this:

plus half a cup of this:

That is the usual. I am SO far behind on all my foodie blogs I decided to stay up and try and catch up. GB needed the car so I had to figure another way to work. It was so beautiful out I figured I would walk down to the mall and get some black kicks and shorts for work and then take the bus. I was supposed to work the patio today so I decided I could spend a couple bucks on some new uniform items.

There was a massive cruise ship in today so we were thinking it was going to be CRAZY. Alas, it was quite normal and I ended up having to stay until five as another server had an emergency. I was glad in the end as I made some good cash and was run off my feet for a couple of hours.

I got stuck there until after five and had forgot to account for the fact that I would have to find a way out of uptown within an hour (which is basically impossible due to Saint John being a construction ZOO). I was supposed to meet some gals for a run at the nature park but in all my rushing was too late. My sister, her boy and I arrived and just decided to take off on our own anyway. Let me tell you, it was ROUGH. I still managed to complete the 6.5 in 35mins or so but my legs felt like LEAD. After having run around Billy’s for 5 hours and the general training for the Triathalon (this sunday! ahhhhhhhhhhh!) my legs were just DONE, my breathing was off and I just felt so freaking slow.
HOWEVER, one of the greatest things I have ever read in the blogosphere is that you will never regret a completed run. VERY true.

ANYWAY, back to the title of this post. I came home absolutely ravenous having not eaten a meal since before work. This can be tricky as when you are quite hungry your mind can play some crazy tricks on you. This is the time when you are most tempted by the worst things. You want the instant energy! Your belly is screaming at you and the high sugar and high fat things begin to look the most tempting. In trying to resist temptation, I decided I would treat myself to an entire sweet potato and 2 parsnips (biggies). I also whipped up some shrimp with some Annie’s Organic BBQ Sauce. (LOVE THIS)
Seriously go check it out. Just 45 cals for 2tbs and 1tbs will coat 5oz of shrimp nicely. No oil necessary!
Here is the insane amount of roasted veggies:

These amazing Nut Butter Parsnip Fries (recipe by Angela from Oh She Glows!) were hidden underneath the sweet potatoes:

So yes, as I was eating this platter of healthfully cooked root veggies I was wondering if I was going overboard. I literally started to laugh a few moments later when I, again, had a flashback to Joanna-One-Year-Previous. If too many root veggies are making me feel twinges of guilt I think I am doing alright here.


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  1. Hi! I just stumbled on to your blog from Katie’s hug-a-fat post. Soo awesome 😀 Your bowl looks so colorful and delicious. I have an eye for color for sure so that definitely stood out to me. Sweet potatoes are never a bad decision. As a matter of fact, I’m baking one right now. I love them with BBQ sauce, or peanut butter (any nut butter really), but recently I’ve been having them coconut oil, cinnamon, and honey. YUM!

    So glad to find your blog, girlie! That’s so awesome that you’re practicing for a triathlon!!!


    • granintraining

      Hi Katharina!!!
      Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I am a bit of a color wench! I can’t get enough. Poor hubs has to deal with a BRIGHT CRAZY GREEN kitchen day to day as a result!!Thanks so much for the sweet potato jusification!! haha!! xo

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