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“Good Morning!” said the pug.

Hey There!
Bodhi says hi!

He is looking especially handsome this morning, no?

I happened upon something especially cool a couple of days ago. HEALTHY CALZONES. LAZY GIRL’S CALZONE. Pizza is one of those things that I cannot quit so when I did SFL I was glad to see that pita pizzas were a’ok! I cannot believe I didn’t think to do this before. Thankfully Meghann over at Graduate Meghann did the thinking for me!

The results in photos!

*Organic Pasta Sauce
*Mother Nature’s Whole Wheat Pita Bread (oh so local)
*Soeby’s low fat mozza – 1/2 oz
*PC Goat Cheese 1/2 oz
*Red Pepper
*Yellow, Orange and Red Baby Tomatoes
*White Onion too! (Not pictured)

I threw the veggies in the oven to soften them up since pita crisps up so fast.

I loaded the fresh basil in first and then the cooked veggies.

HOLY WOW. It was really really good. I loved the mixing of the goat cheese and the mozza. Each bite was a new adventure. It was a bit messy but with the plate held pretty much DIRECTLY TO MOUTH I managed quite well.

I paired my lovely calzone with a half cup of Imagine Butternut Squash Soup and a broccoli slaw and romaine salad with some all natural Newman’s Own Lighten Up Balsamic Vinegarette. Nice looking ingredient lists for both! I am not usually into the packaged soups but my lovely GB brought it home for me from the states so I wanted to give er a go. It was kind of bland but some pepper and paprika fixed that up post haste. I am pretty much a spice skank so I always double the spice amounts in pretty much every recipe.
As for that massive bottle of balsamic, I got that at the NEW SAINT JOHN COSTCO. They have some cool organic things! I got a GIGANTIC JAR of Maranatha Unsalted Almond butter for $6.99. Like three times the size of the grocery store ones and for 3 bucks less. They had cereal too. Big boxes of it. If I didn’t already have like 10 different types of cereal I would pick up some of the Yogi cereal that they have.

I am going to Sense of Tokyo tonight! Bruce Sweeney (Simply for Life Founder) facebooked about how they have a Bruce Sushi Plate with Brown Rice. You best be believin I will be asking for this tonight. I am also going to take photos and blog about it. (I may as well just admit to being a health food blogger now.)
Here are two of the chefs hard at work at the Fundy Food Fest!

(Photo from the SFL Facebook Page)

I will leave you with a photo of a crazy hair day.

srsly I do not know why it was goin nutso. lovelove!


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  1. hey there, I discovered your blog just yesterday (thanks to katie). just love your pita pizza 🙂 and your doggy is sooo cute- gosh! wishing you lots of fun @ the japanese restaurant! I love Japanese cuisine 🙂

    xoxo Mel


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