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I am a Dot Com Now!

Hey Everyone!
I have been figuring out things here on the blog today and added a new tab that can help direct you to the recipes and foodie posts here on the blog. I am also updating the Fashionable People today!

But in BIGGER AND CRAZIER news, I am now!! I honestly had no idea how cheap and easy would be. I have also experienced a domain name getting taken and up for sale at a ridiculous price if people search your name too much, so I thought I should jump on it. Future hubs restaurant had this problem.

I hope you all join me over at my new dot com!

Here are herbs! Watch for a future herb post!


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  1. !!!! HOLY CRAP Sistah JOJO!! YOU ARE BECOMING YOUR OWN BLOGGING CELEB! Posts from lots of peeps you don’t know! You’re such a health food blogger! I love all your pics and don’t know why you haven’t cooked me more meals since I’ve been home, I’m devastated! I need to try this pizza crust or whatever it was that was made from cauliflower? We also need to go to Bangorrrr to get some Kashi Oatmeal or whatevs! Ramble ramble food food…so happy your blog is being discovered by one and all!!!!!!!!!!


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