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Sunny Friday

Good Morning Sweet Ones,

Well it is two days until the big day. TRAVEL COUNCILLORS LADIES SPRINT TRIATHALON I am beyond excited and trying not to get too psyched up. I was a total nerve case before my first 5 miler. We have practiced all the components of the race and Will (my sisters boy) has tuned up the bikes so we are set to go there. There is an unwritten rule that you shouldn’t use any new gear the day of the race but I am going to get some spandex bike shorts an a bathing suit anyway. It is going to be an interesting race and I am hoping to have a decent chip time.
In a practice swim this week my time came in around 13 mins for 500m. I am SO lucky that this race is in a pool and not in open water. Angela’s post scared me and made me very excited that I am going to have a lane of a pool all to myself!
This is the forecast as of today:

The bike leg takes us up to Bloomfield, NB and back and then we do two loops of 2.5k for the run portion. It is SO beautiful in Hampton and getting to have a ride on the old highway is going to be fantastic.
I just have to keep saying to myself that my body is fully capable of this amount of work. I work tomorrow at lunch but afterward I shall hydrate and relax and be ready to pop out of bed and hit the road to Hampton with Sister Kate.

I didn’t end up going to Sense of Tokyo but that is ok, I may score some takeout tonight. Instead, GB and I went out to his parents place and I brought them a summer veggie pasta sauce with a pretty little fruit salad. I am going to post the recipe later because it turned out magnifique! Getting HANGRY now so off for one of THESE:


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