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It is SATURDAY!!!!!! (and I have a big section on a cruise ship day, its all about the benjamins today!)

Last night was quite relaxing and productive. I only had to work til around 830 so I whipped up a MAJOR list. I have been feeling kind of edgy with all the home reno’s, restaurant reno’s and wedding planning. I finally figured out this was a result of always feeling discombobulated about what exactly it was I should be doing. Chalene Johnson is always tweeting of the importance of to do lists.
*Paint the Stairway Grey
*Find paint color and floor paint for stairs
*Rent Sander/Sand floors in downstairs
*DE-JUNK front porch
*Clean and Mop Bodhi’s Lair
*Turn Bodhi’s Lair in to a lovely spare bedroom for wedding guests
*Find Queen Bed/Side Tables/Lamp/Sheets/Pillows
*Plant more plants in front driveway garden
*Dig up beds near where the path will be
*Clean bathroom floors with TSP and prime and paint them
*Choose bathroom paint color/floor color/cabinet color
*Get sewing machine fixed —>curtains made
*Order and choose bouquets
*Finish up invitations and MAIL THEM
*Pick up Kate’s dress @ Envy

I think this is only the beginning which is frightening. I just finished prepping the bathroom floor for the primer application. I am going to get crazy in there and paint it grey and then handpaint a design on the vinyl and then verathane it. I got all kinds of inspiration last night. It is a terrible bathroom but I am going to try and make the best of it!

Here is a picture of a big salad:

Off to peddle fish and chips for some hours!


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