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The Triathlon of Posts

This baby is gonna be BIG. I have loads of photos to show you all from the Ladies Sprint Triathlon that my sister Kate and I did yesterday. It was a TOTAL blast and I am very psyched up to try another one.

Let us start at the very beginning. The day before the race!
I had heard lots about carb loading and what not the day before a big race but I was a little nervous to go overboard as I did not want to feel too full or eat anything out of the ordinary that might upset my stomach. I thought some overnight oats would do the trick for breakfast so I decided to try Angelas Vegan Overnight Oats with Banana Softserve The Gran version was Vanilla Latte Overnight Oats with Peanut Butter Banana Soft Serve
Below is the overnight oat mix:

1/3c Oats
1tbs Chia seeds
3/4c Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1tsp Vanilla
1tsp Cinnamon
1 scoop of Vanilla Latte Click Protein Powder
For the Peanut Butter Banana Soft Serve it was 1tbs of PB and 1 frozen Banana in the food processor!

I then took the oats and the banana and spooned it into my Leffe Goblet in layers:

I added some pecans and Kamut puffs too!
IT WAS SO GOOD. I was not even one bit hungry until atleast 1pm.

For supper I decided to just do up some baked tofu slabs with some bbq sauce and almond butter. I also whipped up a little salad!

I purchased a couple of new pretty things too!

Dollarama and Winners!

This is my demeanor the night before the race:

I was very nervous that I was not going to sleep. I stayed up until 10 and luckily managed to sleep right until the alarm went off at 6:30am! SO LUCKY. Katie was not so lucky and told me she was waking up all night!!

Here is my gear!

Goggles, towel, TYR Swim/Bike/Run shorts, sports bra, sport tank, white loose T, Lulu headband, Mizuno Running Shoes, flippy floppies, Dove Deo and my lulu bag!

Katie came over and I made us some breakkie. It was 7:30 when we ate which gave us a couple of hours to digest. This turned out perfectly, we ate just enough to keep up going for the race and not too much to make us full.

In the mix was blackberries, strawberries, cherries, orange, 1/4c Natures Path Optimum Slim cereal, 2 dollops of Liberte Greek and 1tsp of pecans.

Servin up eats


In the car with our Energy Drinks!

These photos are from the main site. We were lucky enough to get to have our own lane for the swim. There were 60 women and 2 juniors. The two juniors did a 500m swim, 14k bike and 4k run.
Here is some signage! (Proud to be a Subaru owner today! haha)

My Moms good friend Christie was signing everyone in!

This is where we racked up our bikes and left most of our gear. I ended up being quite annoyed with the bike racking situation because the spot for your tires was thisclose together and as such, my bike wound up having the chain all jammed up as I was trying to get going on the bike portion of the race. I did have a hybrid bike so I imagine it is much more suited for the road bikes. Oh well, I felt way hard core with my grease hands!
Here is more gear!

Sister Kate and her gear!

Holla 205!

Leggs too!


Here is a picture of the pool!

The race consisted of 20 laps in the pool, a bike to Bloomfield and back which was STUNNING and 2 loops of 2.5k around the school and through a little path.

The swim was most definitely the toughest portion for me. I had not really prepared myself for it sufficently and felt like I was a mess about 2 laps through. Everyone was going so quickly! I was second last out of the pool and then scurried towards the transition area.

The bike, as mention above, got the chain all jammed up so I was trying to get going and the pedals were doing nothing! So I hopped off and yanked the chain back and THANKFULLY that worked without too much fuss. I was off up the country road to Bloomfield! Traffic was not blocked off so there were some cars around but I only encountered about 6 maybe. It was not too hilly, just enough really. However, about half way through right before you turn onto a bigger road there is a KILLER hill. I saw someone who had to walk their bike up it during the race. All I could think about was how awesome it was going to be to speed back down this murder hill on the way back. The turnaround was at Bloomfield Bridge and felt so much quicker on the way back.

I whipped into the transition area and racked my bike and was off for the run! This was most definitely the easiest portion for me. I loved that I felt in my own element again. Shockingly enough I had plenty of energy to power me through this portion. The first lap was a bit rough but over before I knew it and then I was onto the victory lap. GB and Katies boy WB drove by me on my run and in trying to find parking missed the big finish. I do have this photo though:


Here comes Kate! (She was 2 waves behind me!)



Here she comes!

Winner Girl!

Pink Ribbons!

Our Lovely Lads

My good friend Ashley lives in Korea and her mama was running the tri too!!! So amazing!!

With our beautiful mama!

After the race we headed over to Vintage Bistro
in Hampton for a LOVELY post race bite!
Med Platter for 2 – Stuffed Olives, Greek Salad, Spanikopita, Hummus and Pita Chips!


beer too.

It was so good. It was a fantastic day and I could not have asked for a better tri-mate! I loved the whole experience and am pumped for the next one. Amazing.

Katie finished at 1:24 and I finished at 1:34. Katie came in 12th! and I was 30th. This was out of 60 sweet ladies. I am really happy with the results and Kate and I are all geared up for the next race! woot woot!!


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  1. So proud of you girl! Awesome results! xo

  2. Holy smokes! Well done. I can’t imagine the training that would have to go into something like that. Good for you!

  3. Barb McGillivray

    I’m so proud of you both!!! You did amazing!! You both are beautiful girls inside and out!!
    Wonderful job!! Can’t wait to see you kick butt next year!!

  4. Jessica Doucette

    Wow! Congrats Joanna! To think how far you’ve come in just a few months is such an inspiration!

  5. Oh my gosh! You are amazing, incredible, an inspiration! Where do you get your will power from? How do you stay so firmly on the wagon? Thinspiration required at Gem in London. Share the wealth! Congrats xxx

  6. Congrats x 1,000,000 Joanna! You did great! What an accomplishment!

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  8. Hi! Just wondering where you buy the chia seeds for the recipe you posted above?

    • granintraining

      Hi Erin,
      Sorry to get back to you so late! I get my chia seeds at the bulk barn! They are usually pretty cheap and plentiful!!

  9. Liz Mc Quilter

    Well Done girls!!!!! it was so much fun, hope to see you there next year X X.


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