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As Fresh As You Can Get!

First of all.


Fresh outta Jemseg, NB are some fabulously sweet, appropriately sized local NB Strawberries! They appeared last week and I think I have already gone through 6 pints of them. I may be partial but I think NB Strawbs are THE BEST. I believe I will be getting some in Dave’s Produce pack this Thursday.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, we got our first pack of the season this past Thursday! It has been quite lovely of a spring and early summer here in Southern NB so Dave was able to whip up a pack a couple of weeks earlier than expected! WAS I EVER PUMPED TO HEAR THIS!

hello sweetness.

In the pack this week was the following:
Bok Choi
Beet Greens
Swiss Chard
Fresh Multigrain Loaf



I dove in right away and finally tried something that I have been wanting to whip up for quite some time. Kale Chips

For my chips I pretty much followed Kath’s recipe to a tee, except I put some chili flakes on mine for some extra kick! I tossed the Kale leaves around in the red bowl and threw some sea salt and garlic powder into the mix as well. The kale party went into the oven at 350 degrees and voila!

Crunchy and yummy!! I think I will avoid the chili flakes next time as I kind of went overboard! Kath puts a bit of parm on hers sometimes which I think sounds like a more savoury option.

Next on the plate for me was a GIANT salad!

In this mix was the Broccoli, Dill, Swiss Chard, Green Onion, Spinach, Arugula, Romaine and for some extra protien and fibre some Red Kidney beans. I tossed this baby around with some balsamic and feta and I was in GREENERY HEAVEN. No one could accuse me of not getting all 8 servings that day.

This morning it was an excellent time to try out the beautiful lookin’ eggs and toast!

In this mix I used 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg with arugula, green onion and red pepper (not from the farm). I also added a splash of almond milk to make the eggs extra fluffy! I don’t know if you will believe me but these eggs were so much different than what I am used too. The yolk was soft and broke apart so easily and was a vibrant yellow color, not dull looking like grocery store eggs. The eggs were SO fluffy and sweet tasting! They also cooked beautifully on the stove. I really was in pure heaven this morning.
The toast was soft on the inside and had a great crunch for the crust. I used some PC Organic Honey for sweetness!

I will definitely be posting what is in the produce pack every week for the rest of summer. I am so impressed with what Dave and his farmhands are doing for the community. 75 families are receiving fresh local veggies every week because of these youngin’s! They are all under 25 I believe and are working their butts off!! SO INCREDIBLE!

My wedding dress is supposed to be here today or tomorrow and I am FREAKING OUT I AM SO EXCITED!

Here is a photo of Bodhi for fun!

Oh and my peonies are out!



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  1. Shelley Poirier

    JoJo is that YOU!!! I got here through a link from Dave’s Produce Paks, I am getting them also. They are awesome!!
    I knew ‘granintraining’ sounded familiar but when I saw Bodhi, it was confirmed. Ciao !

  2. Dave Produce Packs are definitely awesome! A great thing to do for the local community. Plus, it feels like Christmas every week waiting for the packs to arrive 🙂

  3. Chit Chat- Chop
    Join and learn more about Dave’s and other local products .

  4. I tried the kale chips and they were delicious.


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