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Good Day Pretties!!

The saws are a buzzing and the house is a chirpin with activity as there is now only 16 days until our wedding! I have still been cooking up a storm with Dave’s Produce Pack and have loads to share with you.

One thing I wanted to talk about is how I store all that lovely veg! Since I am the sole consumer of my produce pack (with the exception of the beets which go to my sweet preggo friend Shell who loves beets ever so much!), I have to get kind of creative with how I store all this stuff. I’d love it if the banana box just slide into my fridge like an extra drawer that I could pull out and pick and choose what I wanted that day. SO in the absence of the banana box fridge drawer attachment, I do the following!

Step One:
Take out one veggie at time and style them for a photoshoot chop and wash them!

Dill Party!

Look at those radishes. I have never seen a white one before!

Jealous Rabbits Everywhere

It tried to run away.


Sweet Broc. I chop the stumps and use it as a great Broc Slaw

This Romaine does not have a chance.

Herreeeeeeeeeeeeeeees Johnny!

I separate the onion bulbs from the green part. Mix Chopped Onion bulbs and Garlic in the pan with some olive oil and you have a great starter for any stirfry, pasta sauce, curry, fish sear, shrimp saute or science experiment! Endless possibilities!

Beautiful Bok

I like to chop everything up in one big sitting ESPECIALLY now that we are so busy with the house renos and our wedding. As you are chopping away I recommend using one of these biodegradable compost bags. They are super handy to have on the counter and the City of Saint Jizzy accepts them in their compost bins. I have a compost out back that loves them too!

You can pick them up at Sobey’s no problem!

After all my veggies are chopped and cleaned, I haul out my ziplocs that I have filled from the previous week’s selections and begin the grand rotation. I am sure Tupperware would do the trick too but for me my ziplocs are where it is at because they can be stuffed into my veggie drawer and when I am cooking having a few bags of veggies on the counter is a lot easier than the mountain of tupperware.

I take what is left of the older veggies out of the bag (usually not too much left) and throw all the new stuff inside the bag. If there is a bit of residue I give the bag a quick rinse and then toss all the veggies in!

The little bags house the herbs and the bigguns have the different types of greens and onions. There is also one bag that can do all the root veggies and the broccoli as they take a lot longer to decompose.

It is a good idea to make sure all your veggies are super dry before putting them into the bags as moisture will make them spoil more quickly.

Now armed with all your conveniently chopped vegetables it is time to bring out yer bags and whip up a recipe!

Here is Gran and Dave’s Shrimp Tomato Bowl!

*To begin saute some garlic and Dave’s chopped onion bulb with some extra virgin olive oil and toss around the pan until soft.
*Add one can of no sodium diced tomatoes and allow the tomatoes to come to a boil
*Now comes the fun part! Add ALL AND EVERY VEGGIE YOU WANT. In my mix there is Broccoli, Kale, Chard, Carrot, Green Onion, Cilantro, and EVEN SOME RADISH.

Since all your greenery is chopped up you can just keep throwing handful after handful into the mixture! It wilts quickly so adding lots is great fun!
*Finally when your tomato mixture is at your desired consistency throw in your shrimp (about 8oz for 2 people) and let them cook for about 4 or 5 minutes. Not too long or they will be super tough!

Put into bowls and Serve!

You pretty much cannot get healthier than this. IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE.

If you are like me and love spice I would throw some Sirach on there and maybe some red pepper flakes if you are feeling extra fiery today!

The sander is now calling me so I will leave you with a couple of photos of a lovely little Dave`s Leafy Lettuce Salad I made!

Oh Yeah We have grass again! Pug Loves it!

PS. Thank you for all your comments and helping me find the Shiritaki Noodles! Frederiction Siagon Grocery here I come!


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  1. Blythe Melanson

    You are so organized! I was able to get a pack a few weeks ago but felt really overwhelmed by the copious amounts of veg in my fridge that needed to be consumed by just me! I tend to use a lot of tupperware so I will definitely try the baggie idea next time! Also, if you are making the trip to Freddy to get those noodles I highly suggest you visit a small health food store called Aura on George St if you haven’t been already. It is amazing! I travel to Freddy every day for school and usually can’t stop myself from going at least once or twice a week!


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