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Hey All!

Well Wedding Month(s) is officially over! WHAT A WHIRLWIND! It was BY FAR the happiest day of my life. In addition to marrying the man of my dreams, it was also INCREDIBLY satisfying to know all the months of renovating, going without a bathroom, living with constantly dirty feet, hair and hands, Bodhi being not being able to run free, WERE FINALLY OVER! It was the BEST wedding, day and party I could have ever asked for.



Here are a few of the pro shots!




Here is a very important part of the evening!!!



The biggest part of the wedding planning was most certainly the renovations to the house. While they weren’t all totally completed in time (just the bathroom), it still made all the difference. We got a new deck, awning over the front door, a new shed, new sod and flagstone path and dug out a TONNE of green space. This was all DIY. We had two pros who are dear friends of ours guiding us along who I cannot thank enough.

Freddy and Monika are two of the hardest working people I know and were down here in Saint John from Rexton at all hours as they also run the JaniKing franchise in Moncton. TWO jobs and they still managed to make our house look fantastic for the wedding. Freddy and Monika were the foremans, the friends, the BIG smiles, the architects, the interior designers, the coffee drinkers and THE MOST GENEROUS people we know. If you are lucky enough to have anyone in your life who are all these things treat them like gold and cherish the fact that they exist. We are going up to hay their field soon to try to BEGIN to pay back what they have done for us but there is NO way that we will ever be able to do enough!

There is also a huge list of people that need to be thanked for their INSANE dedication to our little place and our wedding day:
Greg’s Parents, Brice and Cathy. Cathy gave me a million and one tips about gardening and was ALWAYS making sure I knew what to do to keep my garden and home beautiful. She was my gardening PARTNER (she wouldn’t let me give her all the credit!) and most of all became my friend! Brice was incredible for putting up with us and lugging mulch and sand and sod all around all while having a smile on his face the entire way along.

My Parents, Marianne and Bob, Carl and Susan.
Momma M put up with my OUTBURSTS in tearooms and general discombobulation SO WELL. SO much stress is associated with renos and planning a wedding party on top was a lot for this girl to handle. She brought me down to earth on MANY occasions and helped make this place stunning! lovelovelove

Daddio C helped us out GREATLY and GENEROUSLY when we were in a serious pinch and provided amazing moral support along the way. It will suffice to say that our wedding party WOULD NEVER had been such a success without his and Susan‘s help. His speech at the wedding was incredible and I will always marvel at the fact that he couldn’t put the guitar down at my party. Kitchen singalongs would never have been possible without him!!

Step Bob gave a HILARIOUS speech at our wedding that had everyone in stitches. Greg receiving the final rose in Bob’s Son in Law rose ceremony will be a MAJOR wedding memory for both of us and just part in parcel to how lucky I am to have such an amazing step father!

My SWEET Sister Kate was another one that made everything possible. Putting up with bridezilla, throwing me THE MOST INCREDIBLE BACHELORETTE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD, for lugging plywood boards and for painting and cleaning and digging and wheelbarrowing and raking and more painting and well you know where I am going with this. The girl can do anything you ask her to and with gusto! I love her to death and can’t believe she devoted her entire last summer off of school to ME!?!!@#

Her lovely man Will Bell
who painted the ENTIRE HOUSE ALONE ALL WHILE HAVING ANOTHER JOB. Will is one of those guys who would do anything for you no matter how ridiculous. Thank you for the amazing job you did on our place and for putting up with the Killen girls and your new brother in law. WE ARE HANDFULS.

Shell and Russel– Our two best friends who PURCHASED THEIR OWN HOUSE THIS SUMMER and ARE PREGGO and STILL managed to find many many hours to be down here helping us get this place together. Michelle gave us all our decorations as a wedding present and ALSO PUT THEM UP 7 MONTHS ALONG. (Seriously she deserves all them caps lock~!) Russel was CONSTANTLY lending us his truck and nailing roofing shingles and putting in gutters and lugging things around for us. I could not ask for better best friends.

Brendan, the effortlessly positive ‘go to’ guy. Seriously. Ask him to drag two tonne metal anvils for you and he will. Greg said this about him and it is 100 percent true, “Ask Brendo to do the worst job in the yard and he would be like “hell yes lets get to it'” I don’t know how you find someone willing to do the worst jobs and still have a hilariously positive attitude about it. Bren is also my boss at Billy’s so I have to thank him sincerely for letting me have all that time off too!!

Buckley is positively one of the funniest men you will ever meet. He was here pretty much for his entire vacation off from work helping Greg with WHATEVER needed to be done. Whether it be a break at the Fish n Brews, sawing with Freddy or cutting siding he was always here, hanging out making everyone laugh and being fantastic.

Maisey the roofing expert (among other things), was a fantastic addition to the raising of the barn shed. Having just completed a roofing job on his own place he lended a much needed hand on the project. Maisey also assisted in the laying of the slate, a late nite sand run to the beach and helped us all interpret what Freddy needed everyone to do carpentry wise.

My three sweet step sisters Ingrid, Maria and Hannah
Ingrid who TOILED away with Michelle to get all those frigging lights out of their packaging and for driving the Chevy Cobalt Chariot that got me to my groom I thank you darling girl. She is the manager of the Ale House which is insanely busy yet she still found time to help out around the beach house and look STUNNING as one of my bridesmaids! LOVE

Maria who kept making trips to Saint John from Halifax to make sure she was here for all the events is such a doll! Being penniless (she will tell you that herself!haha) I CANNOT imagine it was easy making it down to SJ to be here for the Bachelorette and all the wedding festivities so sweetness thank you so much for doing so and for doing my hair for my wedding day (WHICH LOOKED STUNNING) and telling me for the first time that eyeliner goes on the lids too!! LOVE

Hannah bo Banna! The youngest of the three and the one who I have gotten to know VERY well this summer at last!! First off, thank you for working at Peps and for doing so with a smile first off. I love that you are part of the family business!! Thank you for being over here at the beach house always willing to lend a hand and for SWEEPING THE NEVER ENDING DIRTY FLAGSTONES. You rock the casbah my love!!

– My youngest 16 year old bro. Thank you SO MUCH for always hopping off the couch or coming in after a long round of golf to help us with usually the worst jobs. We took good advantage of the fact that you are a strapping young lad and could get alot of lugging done much faster than us!! Thank you for always being so quick to come help!!

Totten– Mr Sod Extraordinaire!!! Steve, without you we would have had the most patchwork quilt of a sod job in the front yard. Your summers of landscaping came to much good use and as usual your hilariousness came in handy as well considering laying sod is NO FUN. Thank you so much for popping by and giving us a HUGE hand! I will carve your name in the sod soon enough!!!

Matty – The red headed whippersnipper! Matty powered through the dreaded elephant weed and made it so the ocean was that much more visible. If not for you the guests would have been doubting whether they were indeed near a body of water. Thank you so much making sure the party was still stocked with ‘good cheer’ as well!

Matty Robes – Another landscaper gem! Matty is the whole reason we didn’t flounder away trying to grow grass 4 weeks before the wedding. On his advice we got the sod and wow it made ALL the difference. He was another one that toiled away with all the random yard tasks that made our yard so beautiful! Thanks dood!!

Moe and Bubbs
showed up on Saturday with champagne and orange juice for the crew and lovingly got roped into helping cut down two MASSIVE cedar trees that were rotting to the point of being dangerous! They also LOVINGLY brought the two said cedar trees down to the firepit where they permanently met their demise! Thanks for the mimosas and the back breaking labor boys!

~ My sweet sweet best friend. Thank you so much for my Bachelorette and for always being there to hear me vent and freak out and lose it! Thank you for your fantastic sense of style and grace that made my wedding decorations just POP. lovelovelove

Paul and Ashley and little Freelon
– First of all thank you to these three for TRAVELING ALL THE WAY FROM KOREA to be here!!! HOLY MOLY. Thank you so much for traveling all that way and THEN being put to work or cleaning the house and yard and decorating for the wedding upon your arrival! I dare anyone to find a family that would go to such lengths and be so kind and generous to boot. Little Freebird is the baby of the group and kept us thoroughly entertained. You guys are raising an amazing child and we cannot effing WAIT until you are back here for GOOD.

Ryan Power aka Uncle Dirty – Thank you so much for your day of whippersnippin the week of the wedding. A bajillion beers could not have gotten me out in the hot sun to attempt such a daunting task. You are one of my oldest friends in this rag tag team of misfits and it makes me so happy to have you around with us!!!

Dave Mac and Bubbs – YOUR SLIDESHOW WAS AMAZING. You two know your nanny and papa well!!!!

Lisa and Dan – Thank you Lisa for the lanterns and for coming to help get them all up. You may have to fight me to get them back they are so beautiful! Danny your playlist brought down the house. Going to have to get that off you for the wedding files!

My new sister in law Andrea and Auntie Margo – THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE BEAUTIFUL BRIDAL SHOWERS!!!! A little wine, some lovely ladies and incredible food and gifts had never made me feel so special. My tears of joy at both showers are just the tip of the iceburg when it comes to how special you ladies made those days for me!

My Darling Grandmother Eleanor – Thank you so much for baking your incredible age old recipes for my reception and for the beautiful flowers for my garden. Next year when the spring comes I will be reminded of how you were always thinking of me during such a crazy time! Thanks for the constant love and support and for being a perfect ‘Sito’. xoxo

And finally, the man who worked TIRELESSLY, NIGHT AND DAY and at an amazing pace. My New Husband Greg Belyea. Your generosity, kindness and magnetic personality are the reason everyone surrounded us with such love through this crazy time. You are an incredibly hardworker and devoted man who I count my lucky stars is now MY HUSBAND. You pulled this and everyone all together to make our wedding just perfect. I love you forever and ever and always times ten trillion. Thank you.

I have certainly never had a 2000+ word post before. But it is still NOT enough and I KNOW I am still forgetting people who made the day possible. I am the luckiest girl and do not deserve the amazing friends and family I have. They gave up all kinds to make this day possible and to them I will be forever grateful. Here are just a few snaps of their incredible work.







xoxoxo Mrs. Belyea


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  1. I can’t imagine anyone NOT helping you guys! What a sweetnote to all your family and friends!
    You both looked amazing on your wedding day.
    Kar xo

  2. You are so adorable.

    Congrats to you and Greg!

  3. beautiful dress, beautiful cake, beautiful pictures! you look absolutely beautiful! i can’t use that word enough 🙂 congratulations!

  4. granintraining

    Thank you for the comments sweet ones!!!


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