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Green Tea and Dave’s Produce Pack Ice Cube Smoothie Set Up

Or how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

Sorry for some reason I have been wanting to watch Dr. Strangelove again. Thought I’d throw in a reference in there!

Today I woke up and flipped through the newest issue of Clean Eating magazine and happened upon an easy way to put some of my excess blueberries to good use! The idea is to whip up a pot of green tea and throw some blueberries into an ice cube tray and then pour the green tea over top and freeze them. Then when you are in the mood for a cold treat, throw a few cubes into a blender and then you have a fresh tasting blueberry slushy!



Excuse the crazy editing but I was having some fun with my new retro cam app on my phone!

I got all my wedding photos printed and they are so stunning!!! We are making our thank you cards out of one of the pro pics so then that will be taken care of. Still so much work ahead of us but it is so worth it!! Now go chill out with your blueberry cubes ya’ll! xo


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