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Hey Everyone!

Well I made a bit of a big decision this past week which was to QUIT WAITRESSING. A few events led me to this decision and I can’t really talk about them too publicly but I will say it feels like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I don’t know if any of you have ever read this book:

BUT YOU ALL SHOULD. I was always amazed at just how ignorant people can be towards their server. There would be daily occurrences that would incense me about society: the constant demand for a window seat and often times anger when they were reserved (everyone cannot have the best seat in the house), the “WAITRESS CAN YOU COME HERE NOW PLEASE” from across the room, the snapping fingers, the kids coming in behind the bar while their parents were not watching them, the horrified glares whenever something was not exactly 100 percent perfect and the general crabbery were all part in parcel to me wanting to be done with it all. I really do not like being negative but I know loads of amazing people who are servers and if I can just throw this out there : It means ALOT to a server when they have a customer who treats them with respect. So whenever you have a chance be extra sweet and funny and amazing to your server. They will hold you in their heart and cherish you forever.

I can almost guarantee that the people that are the worst have never had to serve before. Yes there are many benefits to serving (money is good, shorter hours, etc) but it drags you down having to feel like a glorified scullery maid on a daily basis. It is not the 1800s anymore. A server is a cop, is a teacher, is a banker, is a librarian. Are you screeching at the librarian when a book isn’t there? Well then don’t give your server the 3rd degree when the restaurant they do not own is out of fried yams!

I am very excited for this new chapter to begin and to have more time to focus on getting some pottery going (I have a new wheel!!!!) and to work on my very neglected book and magazine pile. I am going to be helping Momma at the shop some too so that should be excellent as well!!

Here are some photos!

i love handclaps!

GOOFBALLS. Greg’s suit was off at like 4pm haha.

The rose ceremony speech. I have to get the video and post it because my stepfather is hilarious.


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  1. You quit your job?

  2. I don’t know if its an English thing but when I used to work behind a bar people used to tap their coins on the bar to get my attention. Of course this would lead to me ignoring them for as long as possible. I feel your pain Jo Jo x




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