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Workin on the Deck

AND NOT HAVING TO USE POWER TOOLS! Yes yes! We finally have the deck set up in a calm serene manner. Patio furniture, the bbq and prep table are all back and better than ever. The wedding lanterns still hang overhead but that is only because I will be sad to take them down.

I am constructing our thank you notes today which is going to take a while! Lots of cutting and taping and handwriting to be done! It is all in the DIY theme of the whole event so that makes me happy!

I have been sitting outside for hours and taking breaks here and there to read my favorite blogs and watch Master Chef.

You have got to check out this show. The drama in it is a bit ridiculous. One of the judges will taste a dish, blankly stare at the poor amateur chef, say nothing and then walk away. Really annoying. However, the challenges are really cool and these people are home cooks so it is fun to see what they come up with!

This was my view:
2010-08-25 11.57.21
Lovely day!

For lunch I had some Superstore brown rice California sushi rolls. Avocado, crab, cucumber and brown rice with some low sodium tamari hit the spot but I was still hungry afterward. I didn’t have any lettuce so I whipped up this deal:

2010-08-25 13.40.35
Onion, orange bell pepper, celery, mushroom, pumpkin seeds and Renee’s light Greek dressing. The onion was definitely a bit strong but I am all for big flavor. It was from Dave’s produce pack (of course) so it was the bulb of a green onion which made the flavor a bit more gentle.

Our dear friend’s son is going to spend his grade 12 year in Alberta at a prestigious baseball school. They are grooming him for the majors and we are SO EXCITED FOR HIM! There is a BBQ tonight to say goodbye and wish him luck!

Cheers folks!


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    love the pics jojo!!love youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!

  2. Hey! I found your blog from the site! I also live in Saint John so I was excited to find yours 🙂 Beautiful wedding pictures! And those produce packs look pretty much amazing.

    • granintraining

      Thank you so much Jillian!! SO glad to finally find another SJ blogger!! That is a big part of the reason I was so excited about healthy living blogs website!!! Adding you to my reader as we speak!!!


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