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I’m Baaaack!!

SO! Our one week away turned into about three! The internet was brought to us by Roger’s Rocket Stick but we had to be careful of our MB usage so GB just used it for his Java Programmin’.

We had the use of my Auntie’s cottage in Oak Bay, NB which is about 10 minutes from the Maine border. It.Was.Heaven. We took a few trips back to town here and there but we were mostly in Charlotte County Dreamland!
Since I am currently underemployed it was easy to formulate this mini honeymoon. Secluded in a cottage with the husband was a perfect and cheap alternative to a honeymoon!

The first week of September was unseasonably warm. It was at least 35 degrees everyday and at night it was pretty impossible to sleep! Luckily there was a unheated pool so we would just dive in to cool off!

Here is pug enjoying the heat!
2010-08-31 12.26.49

Gorgeous Sunsets!
2010-08-30 19.48.47

2010-09-01 19.47.06

2010-09-02 18.43.50

Blurry but incredible that he went in the water on his own.
2010-09-01 19.59.01

Huck n Tom
2010-08-30 16.51.23

For a little bit of fresh food in St Stephen I recommend Bistro on the Boulevard All kinds of gluten free and veggie options! Here is what I ordered up!
2010-09-02 11.51.36
It was roasted veggies on gluten free bread with feta and a house salad. HOLY YUM. I am usually not too big on the gluten free bread but this was perfection. Lots of red peppers and finely sliced onions in the panini. Check out their Facebook page because there are lots of cool photos of their menu items.

So after lots of relaxation and reading (I finished the Millennium Trilogy! Totally addictive!) it is back to normal. I am crossing my fingers and toes for a new job opportunity that has found me. I will let you know soon if I will be doing the “I got an awesome cool new job” happy dance!

This is the rainbow that greeted us on our way back in the Saint Jiggy.

2010-09-09 18.01.21

In honor of our fair city, here are some Saint John Blends (blogger friends get it!) that rock my world!

Barb’s BarbBarbBarb barb barb barb (i love barb)
Chelsea THE Maritime Shopaholic
Chuck’s Running Blog: KV Challenger (6min miles comeon!)
Need to know the SJ Scoop? Uptown Girl!
Hawk is a serious foodie and drinkie! Hawkalicious
You like Wine? I like Wine. Craig LOVES Wine.
Keira owns the sweetest shop in Brunswick Square: Je suis prest!

I got one of these in my pack this week. Stay tuned to what the bleep I am going to do with this honker!

I love that they are using a mallet to get into it!

You are all sweet bananas!! LOVE.


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  1. do i have to get a blog—maybe a blog would be goooooooood–facebook is so YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU

  2. AND I LOVE YOUR POSTS AND YOUR PICS ARE FAB—what a super honeymoon–if you went to New ENgland for the same vacay it would cost an arm and a leg—so i guess mom and dad had a ‘good eye’ to find that property back in the year of your birth!!!

  3. I went to Bistro on the Boulevard a few weeks ago and loved it! The ambiances and the menu were great, and they were totally accommodating of our kids. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Digging the blog!


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