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Blogger Bake-a-Thon Part Two : Veggie Burger Edition

Some of you long time readers may remember my Blogger Bake a Thon Part One way back in April. I basically went all out and baked a bunch of healthy goodies for my sister in Veterinary school. Well with my new job at T4G starting Monday I decided I better get to it and whip up a variety of lunch options.

I am a major lover of veggie burgers and still purchased pre-packaged ones even back in my meat loving days. However when it came to light recently that most of my favourite brands contain NEUROTOXINS I got a bit freaked out. YES I KNOW, lots of things contain all kinds of crazy preservatives but in trying to lead a more preservative free lifestyle, I have stopped purchasing the prepackaged varieties and started making my own. The only difference is that you have to freeze them. What is so terrible about that? It works out perfectly for a packed lunch because you can throw the frozen burger in with your lunch and hey! you’ve got a makeshift ice pack!

The search for some delicious burgers began with my Google Reader. I love the search function and routinely ask my Reader for recipe ideas before I ask the internet. Often times the comment sections lead to more inspiration and tweaks and tricks, making the process even more exciting!

Instead of guiding you through all the recipes I made, I will post the links to the original recipe creators page since they deserve all the credit for these babies. I am just re-creating their masterpieces!

First up was Kath Eats Real Food Black Bean Burgers

Here is the my set up:

Food processor, big bowls, lotsa beans, cutting board, measuring spoons and unpictured pantry full of spices and grains!


2010-09-28 16.24.07

On the pan:

2010-09-28 16.42.57

Cooling nicely!:


2010-09-28 16.47.27



Then it was onto Ezra Pound Cake’s Best Veggie Burgers Ever!

Here is the mixture:

2010-09-28 17.14.23

Then the Burgs on the skillet:

2010-09-28 17.25.27

On the rack with their new black bean friends!:

2010-09-28 17.25.35

Next it was a GIT favourite Oh She Glows In a Jiffy Spelt Veggie Burgers

The Veggie Mix in the Blender:

2010-09-28 17.33.45#1

These were the most perfectly shaped of all my burger attempts:

2010-09-28 18.10.24

They are adding up! But wait! Being on a PUMPKIN RAMPAGE I decided why not go for FANNEtastic Food’s Pumpkin Black Bean Veggie Burg

2010-09-28 18.18.29

These are certainly the wonkiest of the bunch but oh so pumpkininny! (Please watch video below to understand how hilarious the word pumpkininny is.)



For a fun little reward after baking for the afternoon I whipped up some Chocolate Avocado Pudding. Yes you read that right. Just Making Noise blogger Mama makes it for her sweet babes all the time!

2010-09-28 16.10.42

2010-09-28 16.14.49

2010-09-28 16.16.29

I let it chill overnight and just ate a half a cup a few minutes ago and am still AMAZED by how rich and chocolately it is. I used agave to sweeten so this was a vegan version!

Here is the three tiers of veggie burgers!

2010-09-28 18.18.57

2010-09-28 18.19.14

I would say I am set on the veggie burgers for a while now! If any of these look good to you go check out the bloggers amazing corners of the web and start on your NEUROTOXIN FREE veggie burgers!!

Enjoy this blustery fall day gang!





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  1. How fun! Hope you enjoy my pumpkin burgers – they’re more patty-ish and can be messy but SUPER delish!

  2. I’m intrigued by the pumpkin burgers – I have never made veggie burgers for my blog because not once have I snapped a good photo! I might have to change that.

  3. Wow! Nice work making these -they look great!


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