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Indulge Weekend Part One

Oh hello!
I disappeared there for the last few weeks now didn’t I!?! I have been fantastically busy with work and getting our house cosy for winter but now I am back! I finally feel settled and ready for the winter ahead. We had insulation put in and then we went around and blowdryed ourselves into a virtual aquarium. We are currently Saint John Energy poster people!

I recently attended the incredible St. Andrew’s Indulge Festival with my hus and a few friends.

Very true, promotional sign. I LOVE Indulge. We went last year and had an absolute blast every second. Last year we only went for the Wine Trail and the Main Gala but this year we decided we would go to one of the town’s restaurant’s for a friend’s surprise birthday party!! Our dear friend Steve was the birthday boy and his sweet girl Angela made us reservations for l’Europa. Little did we know that we were walking into a set seven course dining experience we would not soon forget!

Oh hello wee delites!
We chose the menu including drinks which was definitely the way to go! 4 fancy bevy’s for 15 dollars extra? Yes please!!
The table was set with some yummy homemade bread:

First up was the ‘Smoked Sturgeon Napoleon with Sabayon and Red Pepper Dices:

This was loverly. I love smoked fish and was lucky enough to get to try some sturgeon for the first time. Next up was the Takaki Style Tuna in Nori with Wasabi Sour Cream and Merlot Balsamic Reduction:

The rare tuna was stunnnning but I did not quite know what the gelatinous squares were. I enjoyed the wasabi sour cream with the tuna the most. I did not quite understand the balsamic pairing.
This is my dear husband’s opinion of dainty seven course meals:

Lol. Sheer terror!
Next was my favourite.
Wild Mushroom Cappuccino (mushroom soup, milk foam and chives):

The frothyness and the intense flavour of wild mushrooms balanced out quite nicely. FOAM MILK IS MY FAVOURITE so combining it with rich mushroom soup is a match made in heaven! There was way more foam on this but I dove right in before taking a photo.
The fourth course was a Lobster Cake, Panko Encrusted Scallop with caramelized sweet onions, Red Pepper Aioli and Balsamic Ice Cream:

Balsamic Ice Cream was the hit here. Scallop was overcooked and the lobster cake was alot of crumb not lobster. Balsamic and cream is such clever combination and tastes dreamy together!
Onto number five! The cleanser!
Blueberry and Blackberry Sorbet with chocolate mint and raspberry!

Blended fruit! Can’t upset this girl with any berry combos! Loved it!!
The sixth course was the ‘main’ course I suppose. As close as you could get to a main course in this parade of food!!
Pork Tenderloin, Lobster & Turbot with a blueberry demi glace, lobster ganache, parsley foam, fingerling potatoes, roasted beets and patty pans:

Pork tenderloin is crossed off since I don’t eat meat and THIS FACE was looking at me still:

DYING OF HUNGER. He got two piece of tenderloin.
I really liked the choice of veggies on the plate. Those pan patty’s were frequent additions to my produce pack so I was happy to see them being used in a fine dining establishment!! The lobster and turbot were paired well with the parsley foam and ganache. Really loved the foam though!

Well yes, vino of course! But here is the real deal! I took a photo of Steve’s plate since they had done it up so beautifully!

That my friends is Blanc Manger, Topfenplataschinken, Truffle, Maple Ice Cream, Ice Wine Tulle and Creme Anglaise! (yeah I cannot pronounce most of that either). I do not claim to be a food critic (I find this whole post a bit difficult to write actually) but this was SCRUMDIDDLYUMTIOUS. (said in true Food & Wine magazine haut tone).

Steven truly enjoyed himself and everyone had many laughs throughout the evening. This is definitely a once a year experience that truly embodies the meaning of the word “Indulge”. These are foods I would never dream of enjoying ALL IN ONE SITTING but hey Indulge only happens once a year. Part two of the weekend up next!! WINE TRAIL: Or when Gran took a day husband.


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  1. gran!! what a lovely meal!!!!! it reminde me of our trip we took to the London Hotel in New York last year!!! did we take pics of our meal at your boyfriend’s resto??? xoxoxo happy birthday steve!


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