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Indulge Weekend Part Two: The Wine Trail

The second and my favourite part of the Indulge festival in St. Andrews is the WINE TRAIL that happens on the Saturday afternoon of the weekend.
I started off the day with a blueberry bran muffin and BIG mug of coffee at Honey Beans Cafe!

It was really delicious and a good start to a day full of snack items.

The hus was not exactly feeling a day of wandering so I let him be in our cosy room and set off with Brendan who as the day went on became known as “Day Husband”. (We mentioned this to many new friends we met)

Here is day husband at our first stop! Kingsbrae Gardens for Brats and Beers!

This is Harry Potter the cat who greeted us!

Brendan chatted with the sausage maker while we found some seats.

Day Hus scarfing down! I had the Pumphouse Special Bitter to get started and Brendan had the Cream Ale.

After Brendan was finished up we headed back downtown to grab our bracelets and set out! There were a lot of wines and beers we sampled but the photo that I took of our trail card didn’t come through as well as I liked. As a result, there are A LOT of photos of wine/beer and no ‘tasting notes’. Lots of fun photos though and I will provide links for all the cool shops, galleries and restaurants we stopped at!

Our first stop was the Kennedy Inn:

I love Picaroon’s already and was lucky to get to try everything they had to offer. Dark and Stormy is MY FAVOURITE (Canadian) Stout. Very delicious.

Next up was Fundy Bay Realty offices.

(this is the one photo of me from the WHOLE weekend)

Next up was the Great Canadian North Art Gallery:

Some really incredible vintage paintings hung on this wall. They had loads of impressive Canadiana in this gallery. Loved it!

Next was a familiar spot!

No photos of wine from this stop as they were too blurry! This is the owners wife painting while everyone was coming through!

Her paintings are all through the restaurant!

Onward to The Little BIG ART Gallery:


I love u pumps!

We then got to go see the birthday boy who was serving Beringer! He was stationed at Sunbury Shores Gallery:

We then hit up this the cool little Eco Store for something NEW! Limonchella!?

It was a lemony liqueur that would taste very yummy with a splash of soda I bet!

Our final stop was the NBLC. Where all the wine and beer live!

Wayne Gretzky’s Wine was the special at this stop!

no 99!

It was a fun filled day and we ended up making loads of friends who we would soon dance the night away with at the big gala! Part three shall chronicle the whirlwind of an evening ahead for Gran, Day Husband AND Night Husband!!!


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  1. Nan!! Great post, Indulge looks amazing, maybe I’ll do it next year!!

    Just FYI, Dark and Stormy isn’t a stout it’s an Ale (and an organic wheat one at that!!) – but you are right it is delicious and amazing!


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