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Photo Bummer

Hey Gang,

My sincerest apologies on the desperate lack of posts in the last month. TRAGIC! I have honestly been pretty bummed out about the crap quality of cell phone photos on here and am have started to save up for a DSLR that will magically be on sale after Christmas. Realllllly holding out for some awesome Future Shop sale. I love taking photos but without a working camera I feel lost!

I would like to have a re-commitment ceremony for me and the blog once I can fully document my carrying on effectively. I miss blogging about recipes and have actually taken lots of photos on my camera phone but even after trying my best to edit them, the quality is just still very blah.

We took a fun trip down to Augusta and Freeport during black Friday weekend and scored some fun deals. I felt like the husband during this trip as it was Greg who needed clothes desperately, so I got to be the one standing around outside the dressing room bein’ all like “CAN WE GO NOW”.  He managed to get himself a nice pile of 20 dollar jeans and I got to go crazy at WHOLE FOODS and TRADER JOE’S IN PORTLAND!

Delicious. I spent a LOT of time in each of these grocery stores and told everyone who spoke to me that I came from the true white north. I came home with loads of items that were either unavailable in Saint Jiggy or just plain snazzy. Flaxseed and peanut nut butter, black bean chips, fresh baked spelt bread, veggie jalepeno sausages, a zillion greek yougurts, tofu and tempeh, AND ABOUT 2LBS WORTH OF WHOLE FOODS HOT BAR FIXIN’S.

How is there no salad bar in this town? We even went to a Ruby Tuesday’s that had this incredible salad bar. I mean the Whole Foods hot bar/cold bar have mostly prepared salads and what not but it really would be a quick healthy alternative to a big gargantuan feast that you would normally have at a restaurant.

Anyway WORLD, I will try and pop on here and update you with some stock photography of others and little updates but until I have a reliable camera I don’t feel as though I have as much to offer. My favourite blogs are the ones with loads of photos, so in spirit of emulating my favorites, I demand my blog have lots of photos.

I can’t believe in two days Greg and I will have been married for FOUR MONTHS. Fall has flown! Lets hope the winter months do the same!

xooxox sweet ones.


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  1. welcome back granny!! missed your lovely postings!!xoxox

  2. Don’t you just LOVE Trader Joe’s?? I went black Friday shopping too in Bangor/Portland….we go every year! I was probably most excited to go to Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, and especially happy that they were practically around the corner from eachother 😉 woohoo I just wish they weren’t 5-6 hrs away from here.

    • Misty you are a girl after my own heart. If we get enough people together there should be some sort of bus trip to go grocery shopping at TJ’s and Whole Foods. We could drink wine the whole way! lol


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