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Christmas Eats and a Beautiful New Baby

We have a new addition to our household!!

She is beautiful and I am learning more and more about her everyday. I am so lucky to have a hubs and parents so generous!!! It takes lovely photos!!

I have gotten to experience lots of yummy eats over this holiday as I imagine you all have as well! Christmas has been quite a race against time. We have been running the roads lots to make sure we see everyone. Its the 27th and we still have stops to make!

Here are some food and family photos from the last few days!


Dad Greeted us with a big Bunch snack spread for his Birthday and Christmas afternoon Scrabble fest!



It was great to have lots to snack on throughout the afternoon! Especially since there was brain power involved…

Scrabble was cut throat!

hexed? dope?

So I can spell Tivo and ETA. Awesome

Tivo? maybe ETA?

no vowels?

Sister Kate was worried about her options!

Horray 28 points!!

I think she got some points…



We had a great time at Dad’s and the next day had a big family gift exchange.

For as long as I can remember every aunt and uncle bought gifts for all the kids. However last year we decided to switch it around and change things up since now some of those ‘kids’ now have their own kids! It’s great for everyone money wise and this year the laughs were out of control! Everyone was emailed by Elfster and it drew names for us and alerted us via email who we had! Last year we sort of just went around and handed out the gifts but this year we decided to switch it up, make it a potluck and have a “Hotseat” where everyone could watch the lucky girl or boy open their gift from their secret Santa.

Being so busy with Christmas and work I completely forgot to hit the grocery store for something to prepare for the potluck. Luckily I usually have a fairly stocked pantry but I was missing some key ingredients and had to sub in some alternatives!

The first recipe I whipped up was “Oops I forgot there was a potluck Sweet Potato Butternut Squash and Ginger Soup”

Started with some butternut squash I purchased pre-cut from Costco during my Christmas shopping adventures.


I added in some leftover Chicken and Veg stock, carrot, sweet potato, ginger, a bay leaf and finished with some cereal cream.


Ginger grating!

Up close and personal

I let it boil and then simmer for about an hour until all the veggies were super soft. I then took my handy hand blender widget and went to town!



I wish I had “measurements” for you all but it was really a what is left over in my fridge situation. I used that whole sweet potato and all that squash and carrot and made sure there was plenty of stock to cover it. If there is too little stock your soup will end up more like baby food. Since I had NO GARLIC and very few spices I thought would go I waited until we got to Mom’s to allow dear Husband to tinker with the soup:


He added some more cream, some butter, paprika, garlic powder, cayenne, tabasco and salt and pepper.

I love these colors.

Looks like there is a dancing gumby in there or something…

Anyway, I would use some Micheal Smith mentality if you are looking to create this soup. It is alot of fun to play around with what you have in your fridge and pantry. Try shopping in your own kitchen and seeing what you come up with!

The next item I made was from this amazing present that I received at the Pepper’s Pub staff party!


There was a recipe for Pecan Sticky Buns in there that looked FANTASTIC but I had no pecans or white flour….SO instead it ended up being 12 Grain Walnut Sticky Buns!
I don’ t know about the legalities of posting a recipe from a published cookbook so I will just show you some action shots!

12 Grain Dough

Cinnamon Sugar!

Dough roll and caramel walnut bottom!


sugar bums!

The finished product! So ooooey goooey and perfect!

Here they are at the party!

hanging out with all his appy party peeps!

I would totally recommend this cookbook. It is FULL of photos and helpful hints like how to cook lentils and grains the proper way. Its more of an instruction manual with lots of recipes than a full on recipe book. Check it out!

Here are some snaps from the family gift exchange!








There were pugs:

a new wee one!

a bigger wee one!

a sister who I force fed my soup!

and a mummy with her favorite holiday flavour!

We had an incredible Christmas thanks to our sweet families!! Lots of eats and drinks and all around good times! We came home Boxing Day night to this beautiful sight and have been hibernating with our new ALLEY MCBEAL boxset all day!!! Much love and more blog posts to come dear readers now that I have my new girl around!!



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