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Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope the first few days of 2011 haven’t brought you too many sugar and alcohol headaches! The great thing about December is that the many chances to overindulge usually result in being SO SICK of all the treats that I am ready and raring to get healthy in the New Year. I let myself have anything and everything I wanted this Holiday and while it felt good at the time I am definitely ready for the clean eating to begin again! It was this post by Caitlin from Healthy Tipping that helped me let go of my weight guilt go for the treats!

In case anyone is feeling the same way as I am I thought I would write a post about re-commitment and give a couple days in the life of Gran’s clean eating for ya’ll. A lot of my favourite bloggers post their daily eats but I can’t picture myself being so diligent. Plus I like to mix the blog up with other topics!

For me the New Year Health Re-Commitment began on January 3rd with a delicious egg white scramble with spinach, tomato and onion and a couple tablespoons of salsa. The salsa seriously makes egg white much more bearable. I know many people who have complained about all the egg whites on the SFL plan but I figure they just haven’t mixed it up enough. They give you a choice of any and all veggies you want and you can go wing nutty with spices as well. A bit of pepper and paprika, oregano and basil or maybe even a dash of curry spice can go a long way! I added a bowl o’ cherries for some sweetness.



I then hit up the Goodlife gym which is in the Atlantic Superstore (best organic section ever and way cheaper than the Sobeys’s version.) I hit the dreadmill for 40 minutes at a 9 min mile pace. It.Was.Torture. I felt quite out of shape and was breathing pretty hard and sweating like a FEIND. But! It is just the first step. I figure I should choose a race as something to look forward to and to train for. Maybe the Brent Kelly 5 Miler again! Are you guys going to be in any races this year maybe??

After a sweat sesh I hit up the grocery for some fresh healthy eats. Got a cart full of veggies (cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli slaw, spinach, tomatoes, onions), some fruit (oranges, kiwi, grapes, strawberries, cherries) and some staples (tomato sauce, tuna, ground turkey, canned beans of many sorts, sparkling water, frozen edamame, almond milk). It felt fantastic getting all these major power foods instead of the sugar/butter/chips I have been filling my cart with for the last couple of weeks.

Once I returned home I made lunch/dinner and today’s lunch in one shot! This is a great way to ensure you eat healthfully. MAKE GIANT PORTIONS! I will typically measure out the three portions of protein and then go nuts with the veggies. Typically I don’t mind eating the same thing three times in a row. Especially if it is wicked awesome. This ground turkey veggie mix was in that category so I was all over the repetition! I paired yesterday’s lunch with 6oz of sweet potato rounds. Delicious dimes they are! Just watch this video by Kath and your roasted sweet potato will always be perfect!


In the mix:

4.5 oz of fresh ground turkey
Handful of broccoli slaw
Salsa (3 tbs)
Green Onion
Red Onion
Taco Spice
Olive Oil

I found this fall I fell into a bad routine of eating out way more than I had before. Working 8 hours a day instead of my former 3-5 hours I did when I was server made making food at home a bit more of a hassle. Everything takes adjusting to though right? As such, this is one of my goals: COOK MORE AT HOME. When I made the big portion and had three meals all ready in front of me this goal dawned on me. I don’t have to carve out a few separate times to prep some meals for myself I just need to double, triple or quadruple my healthy eats! This is my baby step in the Recommitment Challenge.

My snacks today consisted of my FAVOURITE pear: The Bosc Pear. I don’t like how sour the green ones can be if you get a bad one so when I found the Bosc I haven’t turned back as I have never had a sour experience with one!


I also had an oz of almonds. I am amazed at how so few almonds can tide me over from breakfast to lunch. Way to go almonds!

Since I had prepared my meal earlier, my dinner looked like my lunch minus the sweet potato petals.

I took down all of our Christmas decorations and our tree in order to feel more organized about our place. I was back to work today so I wanted to come home to a fresh clean home today after work. Gotta love a peaceful space. Hubs and I relaxed with some friends at the house and watched the Canadian boys whip some USA butt in the World Juniors! Bring on Russia!!

This morning was a yummy breakkie of whole wheat toast, double fruit jam, a glass o skim and some berries! It was much earlier than my breakfasts have been as I am back to work today!


Lunch was leftovers of course!


I hit the gym for another 40 minute SWEATY run and some weights at 4ish.

Dinner was a concoction out of THIS AWESOME COOKBOOK!


There was a Shrimp and Pepper recipe in there that I wanted to try but sadly I did not have most of the ingredients so I had to improvise! Cookbooks can be simple inspiration too right!? 😉


Shrimp and Veggie Pasta Sauce

Put together = LOVE.

I think that it would be a lot of fun if some of you guys wanted to join this Re-commitment Challenge with me! We are all busy people but we are forever blessed if we have the ability to exercise and eat healthy. We are also incredibly lucky to have the VAST amount of healthy choices surrounding us every day. Lets recommit to ourselves and promise to be kind to our bodies that we are so lucky to have! I don’t want to set out a list of rules here because everyone has their own idea and perspective on what “health” is. I DO want to challenge you to try each day to make a healthy choice. Maybe take the stairs instead of the escalator, have a veggie meal once a day or manage to drink 8 glasses of water. Getting back to being healthy doesn’t have to be all or nothing! I think that is why so many people don’t end up following through with their New Year’s Resolutions. Let’s be kind to ourselves and try to make our quality of life a bit better. Your wonderful bodies will thank you!

Leave a comment on this post if you want to follow along and fill the rest of us in with how you are doing! It is really fun to share recipes and ‘get fit’ ideas. I will give weekly updates of the ups and downs of this challenge and you guys can update right back if you dare!!!

Happy New Year Sweet Ones!


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  1. fantastic ideas and something for me to consider—-esp the part about being prepared–that is why i ate a chocolate bar tonight at seven pm—i only had a sandwich today and was starving………terrible

  2. Right there with ya! Here’s to recommitment!

  3. Danielle Scholfield

    See I think you and I were born with the same spirit! I like you decided to have a all out holiday season. I think it all began when I made 8 or 9 batches of fudge, which of course had to be taste tested! Then it was a Saturday and doesn’t it mean that if you break your diet/healthful eating habbits on a Saturday you automatically get a free pass to eat whatever finds its way to your plate until Monday morning??? That is what my mind and my belly seem to take as law now 😛

    I have also jumped back on the healthy band wagon (a few pounds more of me mind you lol) to a healthy year. As much as my taste buds love my carbs and sugars my mood and energy level sure gets the short end of the stick. So YES Jo! I will re-commit with you to a healthy and fit New Year 😀

    I won’t be running a race with ya but you just may catch me biking my heart out along your path!

    Happy New Year to you and yours and I look forward to all the recipes we are bound to share!

    • granintraining

      Thanks for your sweet comment Danielle!! I do believe we are very similar when it comes to all this stuff! Much love to you and your sweet family as well!!

  4. JoJo!

    Just left you a reply on my blog but then it dawned on me… If I do that are you notified or do I have to rely on you swinging by my blog on a regular basis?! Have just seen your camera – and in your words its wicked awesome! Love that. Happy New Year dearest Canadian. Your lovely blog has just given me extra Thinspiration. Love from London xxx

  5. P.S. We have the same camera 🙂 Did you know there is a book called Nikon D3000 for Dummies? I own a copy so that suggestion isn’t in any way insulting! Anyway, it makes for a pretty good read… x


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