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Jiving Through January

Good Evening Bloggies!

I just returned from a very invigorating yoga session at The Yoga Outlet. The class was really crowded which was actually really fun. The instructor Jay said it was like what a class in NYC would be like. HOW COOL IS THAT. The class was Vinyasa, so it was a lot of quick, strength oriented flows. I am not too big on the meditation part of yoga so this was the perfect class for me.
If you want to try it out there is a good deals on for new yogis! Click HERE

After that I came home to THIS:


The husband bought a new to us propane stove off Kijiji but in trying to get installed he had to run out and get a part so the job wasn’t quite complete yet. So unless I wanted to fill the homestead with propane stink and light the WHOLE house on fire and have some char roasted furniture I had to think of something else. Instead of the blackened couch I decided to whip up some home made Tzatziki with my new YOUGURT CHEESE MAKER that mummy Marianne gave me for Christmas!

I had to let it sit in the grate over night so it was all ready for me post yoga.

Lots of whey was sitting below ready to be emptied.

I then grabbed the most phallic thing I could find…

And began to grate grate grate! (Thats a cucumber by the way! ;);)

I had to let the cuke shreds sit in a colander for a bit to get most of the water out of them. Even after a half hour I still had to squeeze some moisture out.

I then minced some garlic:

Measured out my yougurt cheese to about 1.5 cups:

Then the cucumber, garlic, 2 tbs of chives and some drops of hot sauce were added for flavour!


You then have a boatload of yummy fresh, healthy tzatziki!!

I spread it on a veggie wrap and then had some on the side with some more carrot sticks and pita….But I ate it so fast I didn’t take a photo….YOGA DOES THAT TO A PERSON.

In other news THIS HAPPENED:
Kinger your trap is great! It catches all retarded animals...

We seem to have a whole extended family of squirrels living up in the attic. In an effort to capture some husband has put one of these around the side of the house. We have caught one squirrel and took him out to Lorneville to enjoy the country side a bit better. It seems this morning the smell of the PB cracker was too much for pug to resist. Don’t worry there was nothing in there that could hurt him. It was something to hear hubs yelling for me to get the camera at 7am though.

Rideout we spray painted him and let him loose in lorneville. Maybe he will meet up with your lost boys...


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  1. That is one fine looking man. And an even finer looking pug! Love the “and then I grabbed the most phallic thing I could find” line. Classic. But Bohdi in the trap is even better. Love it.

  2. Haha, he’s soooo little!!!!! Little Bodhes. Did you sign up for a program or just go to a random classss?

  3. What a day! Excellent photos, Gran. So impressed with new camera and with Gran!

  4. that looks DELISH!!XOX

  5. Well it was’nt exactly like that, it ooks like you wiped the 25 years of crap that dripped all down the sides off of it before you snapped the picture!! Good Call Gran!

    The Husband


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