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Hello Beautiful….Goodbye Old Faithful!

Look who said “Hey gran!” when I arrived home from the T4G bowling extravaganza!

(Looks like the beams of heaven are shining down upon Madame Kenneth Moore.)

The old lover you may remember from yesterday’s post:

It is bittersweet to see thee go. I will miss how the 375 degree mark was carved into the dial and how there were only two settings on the burner: hot or scorching hot. I have spent a great deal of time hovered over you this past year: baking, boiling, roasting and sautéing. You are truly like a reliable old car that I knew exactly how to make purr. Tenacious and unpredictable? Sure! But also full of wildfire and flare. You are being replaced with a splashy new “younger” model. Don’t be jealous! Be merry that we spent the last year together! Basking in the joy of baking, boiling, roasting and sautéing! You will always hold a special place in my heart you “vintage” beauty. Thanks for all the ancient toy cars and lego that you left underneath of you!

Yer old gran in training.

PS! LIKE Gran in Training on Facebook and share some of your eats! Post a photo on the fanpage for an entry into my FIRST EVER PRIZE DRAW SITUATION!! I am brewing up a prize pack to be drawn next Friday the 21st at random! It will include healthy treats and some fun other things! Prize pack contents to be announced Thursday!! 🙂


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  1. Joanna this sounds fun! I’ll try to snap a photo of my BREAKFAST!


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