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Ohhhh The Weather Outside is Weather

I’m getting the prize pack together today and tomorrow and my sweet Mama graciously donated a yougurt bowl from her INCREDIBLE store Beckwith and Company in the Saint John City Market!
Here is a little preview!
She is noming on some kiwi, strawberry and yougurt for breakfast! Now, the bowl in the prize pack may not be exactly the same but what fun is pottery if it were all exact anyway!!?

We have already had some awesome entries for the prize pack and I am so impressed with how delicious and easy your healthy meals are!!
Here are some entries so far!

Betty’s baby spinach, tomato, cucumber and mushroom salad with a spicy yogurt dressing. It also has sweet n’ spicy lean pork on top!!

Paula’s spinach salad with all the fixings, including feta, kalamata olives, capers & shrimp cooked in sundried tomato dressing, all topped with Renees sundried tomato & black olive dressing!!!

Becky’s Morning Medley of Hot Coffee with milk and agave nectar, cool water, a honey crisp apple, some organic puffed whole grain, rolled oat and fibre stick cereal and milk!

Ashley’s Stuffed Chicken Breast: Stuffed with Spinach, garlic and Feta cheese. Served with pan roasted peppers and Salad

There is no reason to hide yer healthy. Show it off! I am leaving the contest open until next Friday to try and get as many entries as possible. Send me pics anyway you choose! “Email Gran!” works as well!

In case you are not from the Port City or you are from the Port City and like snowy photos, I went on a wintry walk after work while it was still light out to get some snaps of the wild storm we are having!
I had no idea this storm was even coming. I find whenever they warn you like crazy of a DISASTER storm coming it never amounts to much. When I don’t hear about the storms they usually end up being the crazy ones! Mother Nature likes to play games and watch us all flood grocery stores and “brace” ourselves I think!

I had to suit up of course!
Finally found a use for these ski pants….
The wedding decorations are indeed still up….
Snowy cottage…
It seems like mere moments ago this was dense with leaves..
This too!
The waves were going NUTS
Winter beach may be just as wild and stunning as summer beach…
Love it!
The trees only stay heavy with snow for a short time…
Cosy tree blankets!
Footprint-less path towards home…

Have a lovely snow eve dear ones! See you tomorrow with all the contents of the prize pack! Don’t forget to LIKE Gran on Facebook and post yer pic for a chance to win! The more entries the better yer chances!


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  2. wow lots goes on while the husband is asleep cause of night shift!! Snowy pics are great, and if i knew how to cook anything without butter i would send in a recipe!!! I’ll be home with yer coffee at 7:30

  3. Oh the weather outside is weatherrrrrrrrr….it was stunning and pretty snowy here last night tooooo!!!


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