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Love and Marriage

Well! Tonight the husband and I decided to celebrate the formation of the prize pack by making dinner together. Now, making dinner together RARELY means we are making the same thing. My food is usually a bit too strange for husband. Tonight was a hilarious example of this event!

Enter Gran’s Spicy Lemon Shrimp n’ Couscous vs Papa Bell’s Striploin/Cream Cheese n Chive Whipped Potatoes

Now, to be fair husband likes lots of different types of food. He LOVES shrimp! However usually there is some sort of garlic butter involved with bacon wrap scollops and a t-bone on the side. He enjoys the richer flavors a lot more than I do. I don’t mind a taste of the stuff here and the but as a full meal, I would feel like a 20lb anvil hit my stomach.

It was actually husbands idea to post his food tonight so I thought this would be a fun opportunity to show you guys how we share the stove on nights like this!

Husband has a fresh striploin on the grill pan with some mushroom and onions frying along with his cream cheese n chive potatoes boiling and some canned corn as well!

Gran has her paprika, lemon and olive oil marinaded shrimp in the stir fry pan with a fresh squeeze of lemon and tomatoes, green onion, spinach and mushroom. The couscous is over absorbing all the moisture from the boiling water in the corner. (Yes next to the WD-40 can…..)

Tossin’ the shrimps around!

Papa seasoning!

Workin the burners!

Fluffed Couscous!

Nan pours her shrimp mix over the couscous and supper is served!

Husband plated his beautifully don’t you think?!?

Does your spouse eat what you eat or do you cook separate meals?

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Have a great weekend!!! I have a hot lady date tonight @ Britts Pub!


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  1. My boyfriend will try most of the things I make, but he won’t necessarily like them! Very cute that you guys cook together 🙂

  2. Danielle Scholfield

    Always seperate, unless I am having a cheat eat! Breakfast lunch and dinner. The kids and MyCorey have not developped their palate enough to eat what I eat… lol. But I think my son is on his way, he enjoys green smoothies, quinoa cookies and most of all LOVES spinach. My little Lainie Loo Who is a pancake addict with two hollow legs. I must admit though when I put a bowl of fruit out she will nom nom them down! I think she may some day become a Raw Foodie, as she loves raw vs cooked veggies and fruit.

    Great post Gran, have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I can’t enough and I am making the shrimp/couscous dish for supper tonight!

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