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This morning there was a total “Sailor’s take warning” sunrise happening. i am usually up when the sun begins to rise but today it was more electric than usual!


The ocean was ON FIRE

It was THAT cold.

I was in awe…..

Then it turned to this towards the evening…
snow and headlights…..

It was very thoughtful of Hus to suggest we go to my favourite healthy pizza place in the area tonight!



There are a few SFL options there and I try a new one each time. I haven’t been since the summer so I was really excited! Hus not so much…

this is his pomodori face. thin whole wheat crust with small amounts of cheese really isn’t his bag. See here.

Gran on the other hand……

They have this big gorgeous wood fired pizza oven there:DSC_0312

And a really cool menu!


Husband started off with a Ceasar salad which was very traditional with the clear, non creamy dressing and chopped bacon and shredded parm.

I had a bite and really liked the dressing!

Now THIS! is something I am really happy has finally arrived at Pomodori.
The PIZZA ROLLER! This is the first time I have seen them there and I was really happy they thought to get them finally. It was always rather awkward trying to saw through the ‘zaa with a knife so way to go Pdorri!


Husband got the pizza of the day which looked like quite the spicy offering!
Pepperoncini, pepperoni, ham and fresh mozza cheese!

I went for a Simply for Life menu choice:
The Sano! That’s roasted garlic, mushrooms, onion and red pepper with mozza and a whole wheat crust.

I may or may not have eaten everything but some extra crust… Hey a girls gotta splurge every now and then and if I ever saw something worth it and still with some serious nutritional punch, this is it!

I would totally recommend Pomodori if you are looking for a healthy splurge! There is a great list of SFL approved toppings so load up and satisfy that pizza craving without sacrificing your health!

Nan’s tired now!! We saw a boring movie last night that kept us up too late! The Dilemma isn’t really worth the movie money folks!

See you tomorrow!! xx


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