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Countdown is on!!!

You guys have TWO DAYS before the big prize pack draw!!!

Here are some more delicious entries!

Cornmeal Masala Brussel Sprouts from Nichole Tiffany!

Blythe’s Morning breakfast sandwich with honey tea

Kerry’s Asparagus Keilbasa!

Laura’s Lovely Lunch!

Suzanne’s Walnut Pesto!

The husband’s surprise!
He put this on my facebook page. I teared up!

Here is a reminder of what you have to look forward to!


I have to say it has been a pretty rough week avoiding this treat menagerie!

Remember to send yer pics to my email or post them on the wall of the Gran in Training Facebook Page!

Enjoy your evening!! Time for some yoga and bed! Lovelovelove!


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Currently in training for grannyhood/mommyhood

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  1. congrats to the winner. i’m mad jealz.

    wild nights in hali. thanks gran in training


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