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So good it should be bad…..

WELL! It is shameful to me say that we just pulled this beautiful thing out of the box these last couple of weeks. (It was a VERY generous wedding gift!)

The Waring Pro Super Awesome “Could Juice a Large Rock” Juicer!

Greg tried making some OJ in the thing first but he didn’t enjoy the flavour. I am not an OJ fan so I decided to hit up my favourite GIANT retailer and pick up some of these:


Honey crisps are HANDS DOWN my favourite apple of all time. I cannot think of a better apple out there. It has crunchyness, a touch a sour AND a touch of sweet! I love them! I halved them up:


Then began to juice!





Hippy is diving in:


It was really good! I drank half a glass and saved the rest for tomorrow morning. The juicer removes all the fibre from the fruit and makes it so you get a MEGA dose of pure nutrients! Go watch Gina’s Video on the difference between smoothies and juices for some more info!

I cannot believe the difference between that glass o juice compared to the ol cans from when I was a kid. REMEMBER THESE EVERYONE?

Yeah sorry Mr. Graves, Waring Pro Honeycrisp Apple Juice beats yers.

The next it’s so good it SHOULD be bad thing in my life is THIS BABY!!


You take 1/3 cup of egg white, mix with cinnamon and dip your favourite whole grain bread in the egg white.
Put your egg white and cinnamon soaked bread on the skillet and begin to cook as you would french toast:


Add the bananas to the side and make sure to flip often, they grill up rather quickly!

I then took my egg white french toast off the skillet and put a tablespoon of my favourite crunchy peanut butter on the bread.


Then came the freshly grilled WARM AND AWESOME NANNERS

Load em up!




I am trying to be good in the sugar department but you could add some maple syrup or cinnamon sugar instead of PB to this and I bet it would be amazing.

We have ANOTHER storm coming so make sure you all batten down the hatches!! Cheers!!


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  1. Morning! 🙂
    I need to start juicing again too!!!!! I used to love it!!

    Have a great day!

  2. I made the Banana Sandwich with Egg Whites this mornin’ too and it was positively fab! I grilled one side with the Brown Sugar already on it givin’ it a little extra crunch (but be careful not to over-grill cause it burns fast!) I topped mine with a dash of icing sugar and chose to forgo the PB this time around! Next time I’m gonna do it the PB way though to mix it up!! YAHOOOOO!!! Great post Gran!

  3. Juicers are the most wonderful thing aren’t they! It’s a wonder I havent burnt mine out. I go round the countryside in the fall picking bushels of wild unsprayed apples (they’re everywhere!) and make gallons of juice to freeze. Some gets made into wild apple jelly, sooo yummy.

  4. I’m so excited to try out the banana sandwich! I’m always looking for new tastey breakfast ideas


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