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SUPERBOWL in the style of Mike Hawkins

Hey Guys!!

It is Man Day of the year today with the Steelers taking on the Packers! I have little to no idea how football is played but I love any fuss made about anything so this post is dedicated to my husband’s insane 2 day long chili cooking fest for a chili cook off at Peppers Pub! It is an amazing live music venue and the food is to.die.for. If you are ever in the Saint John area go down to Market Square and check it out!

This post is not going to be your usual Gran in Training fare. It will be more in the style of one of my favorite food bloggers Mr. DJ Hawk aka Mike Hawkins. You can find him over at Food Funk!  His photographs are incredible. DON’T YOU WANT TO BE AT HIS HOUSE FOR THIS PARTY? The reason this post is more in Mike’s style is because the man knows how to cook his meat. Greg is quite good at it too and when I said “ooooo this looks like something that might be on Food Funk” he said “nahhh that guy is a pro”. WELL HUSBAND maybe DJ Hawk will comment and judge the looks of your Papa’s Savagely Spicy Superbowl Chili! Maybe he will even stop down at Pepper’s Pub this afternoon for the Peppers Superbowl Party & Chili Cook-off! Everyone gets to be a judge so if you are interested stop down this afternoon to Peppers, watch some football on GIANT SCREENS, sample the contestants chili and get a $12 pitcher o’ Molson brew!+ lots more!!

Now without further ado, here is Gran’s husband’s attempt at being Food Hawk:









I think I see a face here!!!



Homemade hotsauce!

I fought for the beans in 2 out of the three chilis!






The results:

Bodhi’s Bodacious Beanless Chili

Nanny’s Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Chili

Papa’s Savagely Spicy Superbowl Chili!

I hope you all whipped up something delicious to watch the game with!! Hope yer team wins the day!

Let’s hope THIS doesn’t happen to nan and papa:


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  1. Will said he saw backwards Africa, not a face. And also when he heard about the cookoff he said “make sure it’s not like on the office” hahaha so that’s extra hilarious that you put that vid!! Heeeehahaha! Also, NICE HAT GREG!!! WE WISH WE WERE THERE TO PARTAYYYY WITH YA’LL AND YER CHILI!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. Wow, everything looks great. Neat that you used some chocolate in one of the chilies! I’ll bet that was great. I wish I could stop by tonight but I’m having my own little gathering here. I’ve got pork ribs, chicken wings and a chili I made a couple of days ago on the menu. Oh, and gallons of beer. Kind of sounds like Peppers!

    • a little black coffee, chocolate, and our secret hot sauce took home #1 this year!!!! Nanny’s help was invaluable obviously, especially since some people saw the post before they ate the chilli and when they saw the pulled pork & beef they knew they were conquered!!! Good times, i would have paid the cab fare for some of Mr Hawkins Ribs, that ain’t no lie!!!!

      Cheers Bloggers


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